I'm sure by now you've seen the TV commercials with the tiny giraffe, right? 

ADORABLE, isn't it? My wife, Patricia, wants one. Too bad for her they don't exist. But that's not what I've been telling her. From the very beginning I’ve been trying to convince her they do exist. You know, like those mini horses. And she wants to believe because, did I mention, she wants one.

Well yesterday I stumbled on this website, and it was just what I needed to push her over the edge. Now she's totally suckered into thinking these "Petite Lap Giraffes" are for real.  How could they not be? There's a website and everything! And if it's on the net it must be true, right?  Hehehe. Let's see how long I can string her along. She already thinks she's on a waiting list :)

 (And yes, I realize the website is fake and the whole thing is a marketing ploy for Direct TV.)