MONEY MATTERS: As the economy continues to sputter, most of us continue to cut corners when and where we can, and one of the ways to save money is to buy some things used. But, according to Consumer Reports magazine, there are some products you should avoid buying used:

• Cribs -- There are millions of poor-quality cribs out there that are a serious safety hazard to young children. While more than 11 million dangerous cribs were recalled between 2007 and 2010, only a fraction of them were ever actually taken off the market.

• Bicycle Helmets -- Helmets deteriorate over time, so play it safe and get a new one, even if it's a cheaper model.

• Child Safety Seats -- Child safety seats that have gone through a crash will not offer the same level of protection during a second vehicle crash and you have no way of knowing whether a used car seat was ever in a crash.

• Children's Outerwear with Drawstrings -- Clothing with hazardous drawstrings continues to be sold on the second-hand market despite the fact that they are a strangulation hazard.

• Toys -- Lead is a big problem and you have no way of telling how much lead might be in a used toy that could end up in a child's mouth.

OK, WE'RE ASKING: What do you never, ever cut corners on or consider buying generic and why?