Suzanne Basham of Missouri is facing drug charges after calling police to complain she'd paid 40 bucks for some crack cocaine but was sold a bag of sugar instead. On a personal note, I’d be upset too. I know I hate it when I buy sugar and it turns out to be CRACK.

According to the arrest affidavit, Basham called 911, offered up the address of the guys who allegedly tried to give her a sugar high, and asked the 911 operator to send cops over and arrest her dealer for theft. Oh, and secure her a refund as well. Police responding to Basham’s call found her to be in possession of a crack pipe -- a crime in itself – and cited her for possession of drug paraphernalia

Okay, kids, how many times does your Uncle Mikey have to tell you: When your dealer doesn’t provide you with the illegal substance you thought you were paying for, or otherwise cheats you, DO NOT call 9-1-1. That would be more of a Better Business Bureau matter!