DOH!: Dwayne Kennedy has been in prison in California since 1990. Originally for throwing a guy out of a moving car, then later has some extra time tacked on for stabbing a fellow inmate in 1994.

Finally, after more than ten years of being rejected, Kennedy got the word he’d done his time and was going to be paroled. Of course, he was, quote, "overwhelmed and just happy" and obviously wanted to share the news with loved ones. So he borrowed a cell phone from a fellow inmate, and called home to tell his family.

Unfortunately, Dwayne got caught by a guard while he was making calls, and since cell phones are contraband in prison, that meant he violated his parole . . . before even taking one step OUT of prison.

The parole board revoked his parole, and now Dwayne will have to sit in jail for another five years before he can apply for early release again.