Talk about bringing "Maneater" to life! Hall and Oates did just that in spectacular fashion last week when one of them bit an eyebrow off the other one's head during a dispute in an Ohio street fight. No, not that Hall and Oates.

40-year-old Scott Hall of Norwalk, Ohio was in his garage watching football when his 48-year-old neighbor Roger Oates came over, drunk, and started beefin' with Scott. Apparently Oates wanted Hall to testify on his behalf in a court case, and Hall wouldn't, so they started brawling. During the fight, Oates bit off a chunk of skin over Hall's left eye. Oates was arrested and charged with felony assault.

To re-cap: Two neighbors named Hall and Oates started brawling "One on One' after Hall said he "Couldn't Go For That'. Oates then went 'Maneater' on him. No word if 'Sara Smiled'. Hi-YO!