A drunken Brooklyn attorney was arrested after she tried to skip out on her $6 cab fare and then threw her undies at police!

According to the police report, 39-year-old Stephanie Hendricks became belligerent after being confronted by them.

Cops say she pulled off her panties, flung it at them, exposed her lady parts to them, and then lunged at them yelling, “Suck my p---y,’’ and, “Eat my ass, you f--king pigs!” I've seen a lot of drunk and or belligerent woman throw down, but usually they just take off their earrings or shoes!

Hendricks later said of her embarrassing outburst to the New York Post, “My boyfriend broke up with me. I went out. I got drunk. I had a bad night.”

She added that she doesn’t remember much of what happened, but I'm pretty sure the cops she flashed are certainly trying to forget!