GUY'S TATT LEADS TO BREAK IN MURDER COLD CASE ... Back in January of 2004, a man was gunned down in front of a liquor store in Los Angeles, and although police were pretty sure it was a gang-related shooting, they were never able to find who did it and the case went cold. Fast forward seven years later; L.A.P.D. arrests a man for driving with a suspended license and, almost entirely by accident, the case has been solved.

Here's how it happened: While 25-year-old Anthony Garcia was being booked, the cops followed their standard procedure and took photographs of all his tattoos. A short time later, homicide investigator Kevin Lloyd was flipping through the book of tattoos, saw Garcia's, and realized Garcia had THE ENTIRE 2004 liquor store CRIME SCENE tattooed on his chest.

Everything from the victim's body on the ground just like the cops had found it to an image of a helicopter shooting the victim -- a reference police say to Garcia's nickname, Chopper. The realization prompted cops to place Garcia under arrested and put him in a cell with an undercover cop. The cop got him talking, and Garcia eventually confessed to the murder.

MAN GIVES CLERK HOLDUP NOTE WITH HIS NAME ON IT ...Bruce Manlove of Dover, Delaware walked into a 7-Eleven the other day and handed the clerk a note that read "This is a robbery." He then demanded seventeen packs of Newport cigarettes. The clerk gladly gave him the cigs but refused to give back the note. Bruce eventually gave up trying to get his note back and took off with his smokes.

Well, it turns out the reason the clerk wouldn't give the note back was that he noticed Bruce had written it on the back of his Department of Corrections paperwork!!! Yes, that’s right; the Genius’ note had Bruce's full name, address, and contact information. Police quickly tracked him down and arrested him

MUGSHOT OF MAN BUSTED FOR HUFFING SPRAYPAINT ... Kelly Gene Gibson of Fort Wayne, Indiana was recently ratted out by his wife for huffing. When the cops got to the apartment, they found him on the couch, shirtless, with a can of silver spray paint in one hand and a paint-covered plastic bag in the other. This is his mug shot …

Gibson was charged with inhaling toxic vapors.

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