Burglars Busted When One of Them Pocket Dials 911 ... Ronald Euson, his brother Thomas Euson, and their cousin Allen Euson were driving around Clay, New York, robbing businesses and planning more. As they talked about what they'd just stolen and what they were planning to steal, one of them pocket dialed 911. Doh!!!

Cops listened in for a while, located their whereabouts, and pulled them over. They found some stolen tools in the ca,r and now all three are facing felony charges of grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

Man Asks a Cop If Cop Has Ever Arrested Him. Cops Finds out He Has Warrant, Arrests Him ... David Williams of Surprise, Arizona LITERALLY asked to be caught. Last week, David spotted an officer in front of a convenience store, and for reasons known only to the criminal mind, asked the cop, quote, "Have you ever arrested me before?"

The officer told David he didn't think he had, but he'd run David's name through the system and check. That’s when he found David had an outstanding warrant on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

Man Shortchanged in Crack Deal Calls 911 for Help ...  A South Carolina man is behind bars after calling cops to complain about a problem with a purchase -- of crack cocaine!

Dexter White dialed 911 and demanded help because he'd given his dealer 60 dollars but only got 20 bucks worth of crack in return. Then, for some reason, asked that cops bring a canine unit to investigate. Officers did show up to investigate, but by that time, White had smoked his entire purchase. He was arrested on disorderly conduct charges.