MAN BAGS AND SKINNY JEANS: Two male "fashion trends" I recently read about that made me audibly say "Whaaaaaat?" ... Chiropractors are now saying they’re treating more male patients for back pain. Back pain they're getting from walking around with a 'man bag', such as the one pictured here being fashionably lugged around by David Beckham.

The problem is the man's fashion accessory can hold up to 13-pounds of laptops, i-Phones, i-Pods and whatnot, and apparantly all that is causing a strain on the backs and shoulders of man bag carrying men all across America Honestly,  if you can’t make it out of the house in the morning with just what’s in your shirt and pants pockets, you need to turn in your ‘Man Card’!!! I'm just sayin'.

The other "hot new fashion for men" is being pimped by Levi. They're called ... wait for it ... Ex-girlfriend Skinny Jeans ...

They say like a woman might put on a man’s shirt to remind her of him, a man can wear these jeans to remind him of her.  Umm. NO. You know what would remind you of an old girlfriend in skinny jeans too?  A NEW girlfriend in skinny jeans!!! Man up, Nancy! And after you're done sitting in a dark room playing "Jar of Hearts" on repeat  turn in your Man Card. I'm just sayin'.