Listeners write Mike and Tricia Mornings with their thoughts and comments. The  latest is from a listener who is not all that thrilled with where her fiance bought her engagement ring.

"The engagement ring my fiance gave me is a nice looking ring but when he told me he bought it at Sam’s I couldn't help but feel some disappointed. In fact, I get a little embarrassed when I show it off and people ask where he bought it. I mean I honestly don’t care how much he spent, but Sam’s?? What do you guys think, am I being a snob about this? I mean, he makes a pretty good living and could have afforded to go anywhere. And like I said, I really don’t care how much the ring cost it's just the whole Sam’s factor."

Do you think she has a right to feel this way or is she being too stuck up and should be happy with whatever he got her? Leave your thoughts and comments in the “leave a comment” box below: