The people have spoken, and according to a poll of more than 9,000 New York Post readers, Kim Kardashian is the second Most Hated Person in America.  So who is disliked even less? Only Casey Anthony was hated by more people -- and not by much.

I know Kim is laughing all the way to the bank, but it can't be good for the ego to come a close second to a child killer, and be more hated than a serial child molester and someone who literally ruined thousands of people financially!

Here's the Top 10, along with the percentage of respondents who hated them:

#1.) Casey Anthony, 19.8%
#2.) Kim Kardashian, 17.3%
#3.) Former Penn State Defensive Coordinator (slash) alleged child molester Jerry Sandusky, 16.8%
#4.) Bernie Madoff, 14.7%
#5.) Michael Moore, 10.3%
#6.) John Edwards, 10.2%
#7.) O.J. Simpson, 5.1%
#8.) (tie) Mel Gibson and Tiger Woods, 2%
#10.) Paris Hilton, 1.8%