KARDASHIAN KHAOS - KIM CAUSES L.A. FREEWAY SCENE: KIM KARDASHIAN caused quite the scene on an L.A. freeway Tuesday after she was pulled over for speeding while trying to outrun about five cars full of photographers who had been chasing her.

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Shockingly, when the cops pulled her over, the photogs got out of their cars and started snapping away in the middle of the freeway, which resulted in a major traffic jam. Officers were reportedly furious the paps endangered so many lives, but most of them got away before cops could do anything about it. In the end, only Kim and one paparazzo received a citation for speeding, but sources tell TMZ California Highway Patrol is reportedly looking into the incident to see if the case can be sent for further prosecution.

Speaking of Kim ... Check out the adorable new photo she just shared of a laughing baby North West ...

WATCH MARIAH CAREY SURPRISE A FEW SUPER FANS: JIMMY FALLON invited a few MARIAH CAREY super-fans -- "Lambs," I believe Mariah calls them -- to listen to her new song. What they weren't told was that Mimi was actually singing the song live in the room next door. Watch as they lose their s*** when the diva surprises them with a live performance.

CHARLIE SHEEN-ANIGANS - GETS AWAY WITH CALLING JUDGE NAMES, PUTS HOUSE BROOKE IS LIVING IN UP FOR SALE: CHARLIE SHEEN is winning again. The self-proclaimed warlock with tiger blood and Adonis DNA dodged a legal bullet as the judge in his custody case -- the one he called "anus brain" -- decided not to find him in contempt for defying a gag order.

The judge called all the lawyers in on Tuesday for an emergency meeting to talk about Charlie's latest Twitter rant and his appearances on TMZ Live, where he insulted the judge, the staff at Child Services and his ex-wife Brooke Mueller. Nonetheless, TMZ says the judge decided not to hold a contempt hearing because he feared it would turn into a "circus." Charlie's lawyer promised the judge his client would keep his mouth shut. Good luck with that. Let us know how that works out.


Meanwhile ... Brooke was reportedly shopping for a condo in Beverly Hills Monday. Word on the street at the time was that she was moving from her current home because her brother Scott was expected to move in to her place with her twins, and the court won’t let her live under the same roof as them yet.

But now, TMZ is reporting the real reason she's house hunting is that Charlie owns the house and doesn't want her living in the same gated community he does any longer -- so he's putting the house up for sale. The site says "sources familiar with the situation" tell them he wants her out so bad, he's selling it for the same amount he paid for it. The source adds that Brooke is entitled to half of the profits, as per their divorce settlement, but last we checked, nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Like I said before ... winning!

CELEBRITY COURT - ALEC BALDWIN HECKLED, BREAKS DOWN ON STAND: ALEC BALDWIN'S day in court was more dramatic than one of his movies. He testified in Manhattan Criminal Court Tuesday in the stalking trial of Genevieve Sabourin, and things quickly got emotional.

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When Alec denied he and Genevieve were ever lovers, she lost it, screaming, "Wow, you’re lying. I can’t believe you’re doing that!" Though the judge threatened to hold her in contempt, she continued disrupting the proceedings. Alec broke down when he described how Genevieve showed up unannounced the day he proposed to Hilaria and ruined their moment. Genevieve blurted out, "Why is he crying?"

Genevieve, who's been charged with 23 counts of harassment and one of stalking, is accused of bombarding the 30 Rock star with 100 "creepy" E-mails and texts begging him to marrying her and "conceive a mini Baldwin." She argues they were lovers and that she was simply trying to get “closure in a romantic relationship.”

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