IS THIS EXPLICIT JUSTIN BIEBER / SELENA GOMEZ TEXT FIGHT FOR REAL?: Radar Online claims to have obtained screen-shots from a supposed text message argument between JUSTIN BIEBER and SELENA GOMEZ that includes alleged photos of his junk!

In the texts, Justin is trying to convince Selena to give him another chance, but she's not having it -- calling him an a-hole, and "a drug addict," adding, "You need help." Justin responds with, "Come on. Don't tell me you don't miss this." [PHOTO] That message was allegedly accompanied by a photo of his junk.  Sadly, Radar Online blacked out the screen-shot so we don't know how much (or how little) he's packing.

Selena tells him to "stop it" and adds, "You need to listen to [your manager] Scooter [Braun], and go to rehab. You are sick." After she slams him for letting his friend LIL ZA take the fall for his drugs and says she hopes Justin goes to jail, Bieber gets ticked off, calls her the B-word [PHOTO] and ends with, "Can't hear you over my cash, babe! You're only famous cuz of me [PHOTO]. You know it. I know. Everybody knows. Bye."

Of course, its highly likely they're fake -- I mean, this is Radar Online, after all. The site, however, claims they've "verified" them and that they're for real.

IN DENIAL - BIEBER'S PEEPS CLAIM TEXTS FAKED:  Meanwhile, the self-professed rumor busting site Gossip Cop reports the messages are indeed phony. According to them, a source "close to Bieber" claims someone who used to be a part of The Biebs "inner circle" turned on him and faked the texts to get back at Justin.

And one final Bieber note ... TMZ reports that when the authorities raided his house last week looking for evidence that he vandalized a neighbors house, they saw all kinds of drugs and drug paraphernalia laying around.

Supposedly, there were "two large cookie jars filled with weed, four to five empty codeine bottles, three bongs," and a bunch of those Swisher Sweets cigars laying around -- presumably used to make blunts with.  So why, you may be asking yourself, wasn't Justin arrested? Well, TMZ says that since the cops were supposed to be there looking for evidence that he egged his neighbor's house all the drug stuff "exceeded the scope of the search warrant."

For what it's worth, the Los Angeles Sheriff says the cops who conducted the raid did not see any illegal substances in the home except for the drugs found on Lil Za, but TMZ is sticking with their story.

SNAP SHOTS - ROBIN THICKE DIRTY DANCING WITH MYSTERY WOMAN: ROBIN THICKE has some explaining to do! Thicke was snapped getting a little too cozy with a woman who is not his wife at a Paris nightclub. We await the official explanation/denial. (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

This isn't the first time Robin's been caught acting inappropriately when his wife wasn't around. Last September a twenty year old was photographed with Thicke’s hand on her butt at a VMA party. She told Life & Style she hooked up with him in a hotel suite after the party.

MILEY CYRUS SHOWS US HER PICS: MILEY CYRUS posted a pic of herself touting her MTV Unplugged show and sporting a blonde wig, nipple pasties and crooked false teeth. Well, at least she wasn't sticking her tongue out.

Nice, Miley, but LADY GAGA did the teeth thing first. Gaga showed up at the Youtube awards this past November wearing a terrifying looking teeth grill.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

BRUCE JENNER'S MANICURE FUELS RUMORS HE'S TRANSITIONING: Word on the street in early December was that BRUCE JENNER had met with a plastic surgeon to discuss having a procedure to smooth the Adam's apple. According to TMZ, people get this done when they're going through a sex change. Bruce denied transitioning, but between the plastic surgery, him growing his hair long, and his split from KRIS, one had to wonder.

Getty Images

Well, the sex-change talk is amping up again after the 64-year-old was photographed rockin' some womanly looking fingernails over the weekend. Check out Bruce's delicate hands, and notice how daintily he seems to hold his hands as he walks. (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

BABY POOP: You've probably heard by now that KELLY CLARKSON has a baby on the way, but now we know the sex of the baby. Clarkson revealed on Twitter yesterday she's having a girl. The little one will be Kelly’s first child. She's due to give birth this summer.

2. 'Dancing With the Stars’
ANNA TREBUNSKAYA is a mom. She and boyfriend
Nevin Millan welcomed daughter Amalya Millan on Saturday.

3. GWEN STEFANI  revealed Friday she and GAVIN ROSSDALE are expecting their third boy later this year. “I was ready to hand over the crown. but I guess I am still queen of the house," she wrote on Instagram, along with the hashtags #itsaboy and #surroundedbyboys. Kingston is already seven, and Zuma is five.