CELEBRITIES BEHAVING BADLY - CHRIS BROWN, iPHONE THIEF???!!!: A fan who snapped a picture of CHRIS BROWN and a buddy of his leaving a Miami club won't be able to do anything with it. That's because Breezy reportedly stole it from her!!! 24-year-old Christal Spann went to the po-po alleging that after she took a pic of Brown and approached their car, Brown yelled "[B-word], you not putting that on no website," then snatched her iPhone and took off in his black Bentley.

Miami police are investigating the incident as a "robbery by sudden snatching." The incident is being watched closely by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office as well. Since terms of his probation include obeying all laws, any conviction could send Brown to jail on a probation violation charges.

Meanwhile ...Friends of Brown and RIHANNA are allegedly doing what they can to stop them from getting back together. Sources tell TMZ Rihanna is still "head over heels" for Chris, and that he has strong feelings for her as well, despite currently being in another relationship.

KATY PERRY SHOWS US HER TWEETS: We recently learned that KATY PERRY is playing a whacked out prison guard on the March 6th episode of "Raising Hope". Yesterday, Katy tweeted this pic from the set. Love the "Ghostbusters"-era SIGOURNEY WEAVER wig Katy is rockin'!

CELEBRITY REHAB - GERARD BUTLER: GERARD BUTLER has been keeping a secret from us for about 3 weeks now ... he has a substance abuse problem. Butler is being treated at the Betty Ford Center for what is being called a 'pain management' problem, which TMZ says was triggered by the physical demands of doing the "300" movie. TMZ says Gerard realized he was relying too much on prescription drugs after hurting himself in a surfing accident this past December, and decided to enter Betty Ford. They add Butler will be leaving Betty Ford later today.

COVERSHOT:The new issue of "Star" claims CHRISTINA AGUILERA'S drinking and weight gain are out of control, and all the other judges on "The Voice" hate her ...

I don't know about the drinking or weight thing, but as far as Christina’s 'Voice' co-stars hating on her, ADAM LEVINE seems to have her back, defending her publicly on Howard Stern’s satellite radio show the other day. After Stern asked him about Christina’s weight gain, and her propensity for wearing tight clothes, Adam replied, "Her clothes are tight, she likes to wear tight clothes!" Then when Stern referred to Christina as "plus sized," Levine came to her rescue again replying,"I wouldn't go that far actually."

KIM KARDASHIAN SHOWS US HER TWEETS:KIM KARDASHIAN tweeted this vintage photo of herself with mom, Kris Jenner, late father Robert Kardashian Sr. and sister Khloe and the caption "Taking it back old school ...”

Kim posted the pic in honor of what would have been her dad's 68th birthday. Not to beat a dead horse, but notice how much Khloe DOESN'T look like anyone else?

SNAPSHOT:Oh-em-gee! JENNIFER ANISTON kissed Justin Theroux in public!!! The lip lock, which happened Wednesday at the ceremony commemorating Jen's star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, is the couple’s first public display of affection caught on camera.

TYRA BANKS SHOWS US HER TWEETS: ‘America's Next Top Model’ host TYRA BANKS graduated from Harvard Business School yesterday and posted this picture of herself holding her diploma. Banks graduated from Harvard’s Executive Education Program for business owners and entrepreneurs ...