WATCH SIMON COWELL GET EGGED ON LIVE TV: A woman stormed the stage during the live finale of "Britain's Got Talent" over the weekend and pelted SIMON COWELL with eggs! Honestly, I'm surprised it took 10 years of him being on TV before someone finally egged him.

Violinist Natalie Holt, who was already onstage playing with a backing orchestra at the time, shocked viewers by gleefully egging the TV meanie towards the end of a performance by a pair of opera singers. Natalie, it turns out, was a contestant on the show last year but didn't make it through the auditions. She later issued an apology to the contestants, but not Simon, and told Britain's Daily Telegraph, “I basically took a stand against people miming on television and against Simon and his dreadful influence on the music industry."

BEYONCE SHOWS OFF EXTREMELY NON-PREGNANT LOOKING TUMMY: In yet another not-so subtle sign she's definitely not pregnant, BEYONCÉ showed off a toned midsection while leaving a birthday party for KANYE WEST Saturday in New York City. (PHOTO)

Bey was joined by her husband JAY-Z and other guests celebrating West. Noticeably absent from the soiree was Kanye's girlfriend, KIM KARDASHIAN. According to US Weekly, Kim wasn't there because she's no longer allowed to fly ahead of her July due date.


Kimmie instead posted a collage of herself and Kanye on Instagram, along with the message, quote, "Happy Birthday to my best friend, the love of my life, my soul!!!! I love you beyond words!"

CELEBRITIES IN TROUBLE - JESSICA SIMPSON: JESSICA SIMPSON has been hit with a bizarre lawsuit that accuses her of stealing a stranger's baby -- for a photo shoot!

The suit was filed by a man who claims that Jess, then pregnant for the first time, asked to hold his infant son at a department store meet and greet. When he agreed, a photographer whipped out his camera and began clicking away, snapping pics that would later end up on the cover of OK! magazine, identified as the first pics of Simpson's then-unborn baby. Christopher Hurst is suing Jessica and the mag for damages totaling $75,000, according to TMZ.

UPDATE - JUDGE ORDERS INQUIRY INTO PARIS JACKSON SUICIDE ATTEMPT: TMZ reports a California judge has ordered an investigation into PARIS JACKSON'S attempted suicide. Judge Mitchell Beckloff, who made KATHERINE JACKSON Paris’s legal guardian, has asked an investigator in probate court to prepare a written report and offer recommendations for the 15-year old’s “health, education and welfare.”

Meanwhile ... People reports that Paris' relationship with her grandmother could be part of her problem. Sources tell the tab Paris sought out a relationship with her mother Debbie Rowe because she sometimes feels Katherine isn’t there for her. "She and Katherine are close, but it just isn't working for Paris," says the source. And Katherine’s lawsuit against AEG over Michael Jackson’s death isn’t helping. “Katherine is dealing with the trial," said the insider. “She's not really capable of giving Paris all the support she needs.”

Over the weekend, Paris was moved to UCLA Medical Center, the same hospital where her father Michael Jackson was taken before he died June 25th, 2009.

CELEBRITY EYE-CANDY: "Dallas" hottie JESSE METCALFE was snapped working out with a trainer. Um, WOW, right? (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

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IAN ZIERING performed with the Chippendales in Vegas over the weekend. Not bad for a 49-year-old, huh? (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

JUSTIN BIEBER’S THUGS ROUGH UP SOMEONE ELSE: Ouch, he did it again. JUSTIN BIEBER no longer limits his bodyguards to hassling just the paparazzi -- now they go after regular folks with cameras! According to TMZ, The Bieb unleashed his goons for the fourth time in a week, this time to rough up a guy who snapped a shot of him at a trendy lounge in Los Angeles. You know, if Bieber’s not careful, people might start to think he’s an arrogant little prick with entitlement issues.

A police source says that Justin is not a suspect this time around, although he may face charges in at least one similar incident in Miami last week.

That incident involved photographer Jeffrey Binion, who filed a police report on June 5th alleging that Justin's peeps roughed him up. He is now suing. Binion says that the Bieb ordered one of his bodyguards to attack. He claims that the tough shoved him against a wall, grabbed him by the throat and flashed a gun while other bodyguards removed the memory card from his camera.

Binion is suing for bodily injury, pain and suffering, mental anguish and incurred medical expenses. His lawyer also claims that the bodyguard is not licensed in Florida, nor does he have a concealed-carry permit there.

WATCH RIHANNA MAKE A MAN'S NIGHT ONE HE'LL NEVER FORGET: RIHANNA gave a guy spank bank material he’ll be able to replay in his mind for the rest of his life when she brought him up on stage the other night and proceeded to GRIND on him.



The couple picked up their marriage license Friday and made it official right away, with Kristin tweeting a picture of their rings that afternoon along with the caption, "I'm officially Kristin Elizabeth Cutler!!!!!.” The pair then reaffirmed their union in front of 150 family and friends with a ceremony Saturday at the Woodmont Christian Church. Kristin and Jay, who have a nine-month-old son together, were first engaged two years ago, but split briefly in the summer of 2011.

ROMANCE REPORT - AMY POEHLER MAKES FIRST PUBLIC APPEARANCE WITH NEW MAN: AMY POEHLER made her first public appearance with new boyfriend Nick Kroll. The couple, who were first linked together in May, posed for pictures at the AFI’s 41st Life Achievement Award Gala in Hollywood. (PHOTO)

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Amy's ex, WILL ARNETT, meanwhile is opening up about his life post-Poehler. Arnett tells Details magazine that after their separation in September, 2012, he spent a lot of time in the gym. "If going to the gym obsessively for eight, nine months was my way of dealing, then let that be my worst problem," he said. While his ex has already begun dating again, Arnett is not quite ready to get back out there. "I'm not officially dating," he said. "I don't know what you do. Do you put out an announcement in the trades? I'M DATING! It all seems very scary to me, to be honest. So I'm kind of keeping pretty close counsel right now."