LOHAN LUNACY - DID LINDSAY PUNCH WOMAN OVER MISSING PURSE OR BOY BANDER???: Okay, I'm sure by now you've heard that LINDSAY LOHAN was arrested early yesterday morning at a nightclub for allegedly punching another woman in the face. But was it over her little sister's purse, or was it because of jealousy? Well, it depends on the source.

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According to the New York Post, Lindsay and Tiffany Eve Mitchell were sitting at adjacent VIP booths, when Linds began frantically looking for her little sister's designer handbag, which sources say was stuffed with $10,000 cash Lindsay had just given Ali. “Lindsay had stuffed her jacket and the purse behind the banquette, then went to look for it and couldn’t see it. She was too drunk to remember where it was.” “The woman [became] agitated" with Lindsy and got in her face, leading Lindsay to scream at her, ‘Give me back my purse!’ They both went back to their seats, but Linds continued to glare at her, eventually punching her in the face.

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But TMZ says the fight was over a boy - specifically, a boy bander. Apparently, Lindsay had attended a Justin Bieber concert earlier that night in order to catch the opening act, British boy band The Wanted. The site claims Linds had her sights set on band member Max George, and that the two hit up the club together. But Max was reportedly “turned off” by Lilo’s alleged drunkenness and started hitting on Mitchell, and that's when Lindsay decided to take matters into her own hands...or, uh, fists.

And then there's the police version. According to police sources, cops believe she actually clocked Mitchell because she thought the woman was snapping photos of her. They said Mitchell was looking at photos on a cellphone with her cousin when Lohan walked up and punched her in the face.  

HALLE BERRY AND GABRIEL AUBRY STRIKE A DEAL, MAKE PEACE: HALLE BERRY, GABRIEL AUBRY, and OLIVIER MARTINEZ are giving peace a chance -- a week after Halle's ex and current fiancé came to blows on her driveway.

After a court hearing yesterday, Berry and Martinez reached some kind of truce with baby-daddy Aubry. Halle's lawyer left the hearing, stood in front of reporters and held up a piece of paper with a handwritten message that said, quote, "The parties have reached an amicable agreement. There will be no further statements regarding this matter."

A source told New York Post's Page Six the “amicable agreement” refers to both the child-custody agreement and the Thanksgiving Day fight. The source told them he or she “would not be a surprised" if Martinez lets his criminal restraining order against Aubry expire or if Aubry files a motion to dismiss the restraining order. Halle and Olivier were no-shows at the hearing, but Gabriel did attend, wearing sunglasses to cover up his shiner from the beat down.

KIM KARDASHIAN AND KRIS HUMPHRIES REPORTEDLY FIGHTING OVER RING: According to Radar Online, one of the major things KRIS HUMPHRIES and KIM KARDASHIAN are fighting over is the 20-carat 2-million dollar engagement ring Kris gave Kim.

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Kris wants it back because he feels he was conned into a "sham" marriage by Kim. But Kim "has no intention of returning it," according to their source familiar with the situation. "She feels she is within her legal right to refuse as she went through with the wedding." But, the person goes on to say, "Kris doesn't understand why Kim would even want the ring. It obviously has no sentimental value, and she certainly doesn't need the money. So why doesn't she just return it to him?"

I know it's a rhetorical question, but I'm guessing it's because Kim feels giving it back would be like admitting the marriage WAS a sham. And that would mean losing leverage in court.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA DENIES GETTING BUTT INJECTIONS: CHRISTINA AGUILERA has a message for those who've been gossiping about her big, round booty; it’s real and it’s spectacular! Xtina’s peeps offered that response after Star magazine claimed she, quote, “paid for her pumped-up rear end.” The tabloid quoted a doctor who's never seen her in person as saying the junk in her trunk “could be [because] she has had lipo-sculpture to the waist and fat injection to the buttocks.”

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The gossip site Gossip Cop says Christina’s people laughed off the claim when asked, saying "it's obviously not true."

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