KATY PERRY 'ONE OF THE REASONS' FOR ROBERT PATTINSON/KRISTEN STEWART SPLIT: ROBERT PATTINSON did move out on KRISTEN STEWART after all. He was spotted Sunday leaving their house with all his stuff in the back of a pickup. He even took the dogs! (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

A source says it's because he found out -- on his birthday, no less -- that she's still in contact with RUPERT SANDERS, the guy she had an inappropriate relationship with. The not-always-reliable British tabloids say Rob picked up Kristen's phone while she was in the shower, because he wanted to take a picture of something . . . and she got a text from Rupert as he was holding it.

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Meanwhile, there are rumors that KATY PERRY had something to do with the breakup. Word on the street is Rob's "friendship" with Katy was "one of many reasons" the couple was having making things work. She's reportedly been circling Robert for a while now. Apparently, Rob was a shoulder for Katy to cry on when she divorced RUSSELL BRAND, and she's been a breast for him to nuzzle against during all his problems with Kristen.

The day after R-Patz moved out, Kristen sought comfort from someone who knows a thing or two about breakups -- none other than TAYLOR SWIFT. Us Magazine says K-Stew was driven by a girlfriend to Tay's place and "spent all day" there before returning home. Swift and Stewart became pals when Taylor dated Kristen's Twilight co-star TAYLOR LAUTNER in 2009.

TAKE A LOOK AT KIM KARDASHIAN'S OVER THE TOP BABY SHOWER INVITE: Invites to KIM KARDASHIAN’S June 2nd baby shower have been mailed out, and in true Kardashian family fashion they are beyond excessive. TMZ got a hold of one that was sent to a "guest close to Kanye West” and here’s how over the top they are: the invite is a “fully functional music box, complete with a spinning ballerina dancing to a lullaby version of Kanye's "Hey Mama."” (PHOTO)

On another Kim note … Motley Crue bassist NIKKI SIXX put Kim on blast for Tweeting about her bronzer on Monday, while every other celebrity was Tweeting out 'thoughts and prayers' to the tornado victims in Oklahoma. “Pick your priority or pick your poison. Pretty embarrassing screen shot Kim,” Sixx tweeted along with a snapshot of Kim's tweet.


TODAY IN CELEBRITY WARDROBE MISHAPS: Thanks to Mother Nature kicking up a gust of wind, MIRANDA KERR accidentally flashed her breasts during a photo shoot. And thankfully whatever the ever-intrusive paparazzi were there. Feast your eyes on the censored pics here (PHOTO) (PHOTO) and the NSFW photos here. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

2. EVA LONGORIA wasn't the only celeb to accidentally flash the crowd at Cannes. ROSARIO DAWSON did too. Sadly, she had on underwear. (PHOTO)

3. ALEC BALDWIN playfully picked up his pregnant girlfriend Hilaria Thomas for the cameras -- not realizing he was totally exposing her buttcrack. (PHOTO)

AND THE 'DANCING WITH THE STARS' WINNER IS: "Dancing With the Stars" crowned its newest mirror ball trophy winner last night. It came down to KELLIE PICKLER and ZENDAYA COLEMAN, and the winner was ... Kellie Pickler! Olympian ALEXANDRA RAISMAN was the first one eliminated last night to finish 4th. NFL baller JACOBY JONES came in third.


JON BON JOVI CALLS JUSTIN BIEBER AN A-HOLE: JON BON JOVI is not down with musicians who keep their fans waiting at concerts,and that includes JUSTIN BIEBER. Justin has reportedly kept fans waiting for up to an hour at many of the shows on his current tour. When asked his thoughts by the London Evening Standard, Jon replied that guys who do that are "disrespecting their audience members who have worked hard to pay for their ticket, to give YOU the permission to take two or three hours of their lives, or in that kid's case, 80 minutes of their lives." Then he totally lowered the boom: "It's really not cool ... you're an [A-hole]. Go to [effin'] work!"

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In other Bieber News ... TMZ is reporting that his security team now requires everyone entering his home to sign a “waiver” in an attempt to prevent any more scandals. Essentially, a person caught texting, tweeting, Instagramming, or blogging about Bieber’s behavior during all-night raves will be served with a $5 million suit.

The fine print on the waiver supposedly claims that anyone who shows up to the Biebs’ parties might be exposed to activities that could cause “minor injuries to catastrophic injuries, including death” and that "you should not participate unless you are medically able and properly trained.”

JESSE JAMES SHOWS US HIS (GRUESOME) PICS: JESSE JAMES ('memba him?) had an accident in his machine shop yesterday that cost him the tip of his pinky finger. He said his glove got caught in a machine and it took part of his finger off before he realized it. Unfortunately for him, doctors couldn't reattach it so they're going to do a skin graft to cover over the stump.

He posted a couple of photos on his Instagram page. They're a bit on the gruesome side, so instead of re-posting them here I'm going to give you the option of peeping them or not.(PHOTO) (PHOTO)

CELEBRITIES WITHOUT MAKEUP - SHARON STONE: Below is what SHARON STONE looked like after getting all glammed up for a recent red carpet event. And this is what she looked like before the hair and makeup. (PHOTO)

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MELISSA McCARTHY FIRES EXTRA ON MOVIE SET: MELISSA MCCARTHY is not only a successful actress, she’s also a mom, and proved which was more important while shooting her new movie.

McCarthy fired an extra after she witnessed the woman mistreating her child. Word is the extra had brought the toddler along for the shoot, and had been having a tough time with the child all day. In fact, the extra was disciplining the kid so much it began to disrupt production. Melissa finally had enough after she witnessed her harshly jerk the child up in the air by the waist. She immediately had the woman bounced from the set, saying she would not tolerate such behavior.

THE 'HANGOVER' BABY - THEN AND NOW: Remember "Carlos", the baby in the first "Hangover" movie? Well, the baby is all grown up and back in the spotlight just in time for the release of "The Hangover 3." Check out how much he's grown since 2009 ...

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While we’re on the subject of the Hangover movies ... cast member JUSTIN BARTHA has gotten engaged to personal trainer Lia Smith. Let’s hope his bachelor party isn’t in Vegas. You do remember what happened to him the last time, right?

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WATCH: WILL SMITH was a guest on "Letterman" on Monday night. And when they brought him out, the band played his song "Summertime". Will got so inspired he grabbed the mic and started rapping along.