DID 'AMERICAN IDOL' CENSORE LADY GAGA'S HIGH HEELS???!!!: If you watched LADY GAGA mentor the "American Idol" contestants Wednesday night, you may have noticed her shoes had clear plastic heels. What you couldn't tell was that the heels were shaped like a certain part of a man’s anatomy!!! 

You couldn't tell because anytime ‘Idol’ producers showed Gaga on camera, it was either from the waist up, or a shot from a distance that made it hard to see any details of her heels. Many gossip site bloggers, in fact, seem to think producers went so far as to censor the shoes by putting the "American Idol" logo over them.

It’s true the logo does occasionally cover her shoes, but upon further review of some Youtube videos, its placement seems to be completely incidental. However, you know our motto: We Report, You Decide

Here's a picture of the now infamous $4500 shoes courtesy of the company that designed them …

UPDATE ON THE ‘A LIST’ CELEBRITY BEING SUED FOR GIVING SOMEONE HERPES:Yesterday we told you about an as-yet- identified person who had filed a lawsuit against an unidentified “A-list celebrity” claiming the male celeb had given him or her herpes after a hedonistic liaison in Vegas. Today the bidding war has begun. According to TMZ, several porn companies want the tape and are offering millions sight unseen

Meanwhile …RadarOnline researched which celebrities were in Vegas when the alleged hotel romp took place. And CHARLIE SHEEN wasn't one of them!!! Steven Tyler, Jamie Foxx, and Ryan Reynolds were!!! So were Russell Brand, Vin Diesel, and John Travolta. Let the speculation begin!!!  Here’s their entire list.

ASHTON TO REPLACE CHARLIE IN TWO AND A HALF MEN:According to The Hollywood Reporter, ASHTON KUTCHER is thisclose to joining "Two and a Half Men". The deal is said to be all but signed, and could be officially announced sometime today. So how will CHARLIE SHEEN’S exit and Ashton's entrance be explained? A source tells “People”, quote, "It's really funny. People are going to love it."

Kutcher, by the way, was not their first choice. His deal came together only after HUGH GRANT passed on it.

UPDATE – PRINCE REVERSES DECISION; WHITNEY NOT BANNED: Apparently PRINCE had no idea WHITNEY HOUSTON had been blacklisted from his concerts and has overturned the ruling. His manager has sent out a statement welcoming her back to his shows whenever she wants. A source tells TMZ, "Whoever decided Whitney was banned did not have the authority to do so."

QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "I'm making plans to go away for a month to focus on my sobriety and to continue my life in recovery. Please enjoy making fun of me on the World Wide Web.” – MATTHEW PERRY announcing another rehab stint. A source tells People magazine, "There was no relapse."

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS: “Twilight” vampire ROBERT PATTINSON blows out birthday candles today. So do these other celebrities.

ROMANCE REPORT:After a two year relationship, HAYDEN PANETTIERE and Ukranian boxer Wladmir Klitschko have called it quits.The heavyweight champ tells People magazine it was a distance thing. Quote, "We had a great time together, but it's not that easy to manage a relationship between two continents."

Hayden, meanwhile, issued the prerequisite we-remain-friends statement: "Even though we've decided splitting up is best for both of us, we have an amazing amount of love and respect for each other and remain very close friends."

Maybe now Hayden will date someone her own size! She’s five-foot-two, he’s six-foot-five. Here's a photo of the pair that really brings the size difference home …

And if you're wondering how that works in the bedroom, you're not alone. A month ago Hayden was on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and brought up the size difference. (--This is the whole segment, so skip to around the 3:25 mark if that's all you're interested in.) ...

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