BRANGELINA - THE ENGAGEMENT: It's official. BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE are engaged. According to Brad's manager they haven't picked the actual date his client will make THE BIG MISTAKE yet but, quote, "their kids are very happy."

The not-always reliable U.K 'Express' claims Brangelina will marry this summer in the private chapel at their really expensive, 35-room French estate, Château Miraval, in France.  Their source insists they will be “flying in 200 to 300 guests" including Matt Damon, George Clooney, Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise.

BRANGELINA - THE RING: We realize, as a woman, you have a biological need to checking out other women's engagement rings, so no doubt you're wondering about Angie's new ring. Here are the specs, according to a jewelry expert named Michael O'Connor.

It's an emerald cut. The center diamond is approximately six carats in a platinum setting. It was made by a designer named Robert Procop, but Brad was heavily involved in the design from start to finish. The cost of the ring? Approximately $250,000.  We also realize, as a lover of all things gossipy, you can't help but wonder how that compares to how much Brad spent on JENNIFER ANISTON'S engagement ring. Word is Pitt spent twice as much on Aniston's ring. It was reportedly $500,000 and like Jolie's, was made of diamond and platinum.

DID JLO CHOOSE BOY TOY OVER RECONCILIATION???!!!: If you're still heartbroken over the MARC ANTHONY/ JENNIFER LOPEZ split, blame J-Lo. Before filing for divorce last week, Marc reportedly made a last-ditch attempt to reconcile with Lopez. TMZ says he had a "heart-to-heart with J. Lo a few weeks back to see if she really, truly wanted to end the marriage," and she admitted she was madly in love with her new man, Casper Smart.

The gossip site claims Marc was "blindsided" and "hurt" by that, and that's why he filed for divorce.

SNAPSHOT - KATY PERRY ROCKS NEW HAIR COLOR AT COACHELLA: KATY PERRY rocked a new shade at the Coachella music festival over the weekend.  Her hair, once blonde, then brown, then black, then orange, then blonde again ... (deep breath) ... then pink, then blonde yet again, then blue, is now a shade of indigo.

On a related Perry note ... In this month's 'Elle' magazine, Katy reveals that her close friendship with RIHANNA began in 2009 over a purse. "[She] had this cool studded Valentino bag that had sparkly stuff on it," she tells the mag. When she complimented RiRi on it, Rihanna offered to mail her one as a gift.

Katy admits that she was skeptical about her offer, but when Rihanna followed through and Perry received it on Valentine's Day, the bond was sealed. They've been besties ever since.

COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP - DID JANET JACKSON LOSE WEIGHT FOR A SECRET WEDDING???!!!: According to the bastions of journalistic integrity at the "National Enquirer", JANET JACKSON may have taken the Nutrisystem spokesperson job in an effort to lose weight for a secret summer wedding. Says their source, "Janet and Wissam have been planning to marry for some time, but she wanted to fit into the perfect wedding dress."

After the alleged summer wedding and she and Wissam are settled, Janet supposedly has designs on MICHAEL JACKSON'S children. "Janet knows that there are huge risks in having children at her age," continues the source. "She also wants this slim-down to be her last, and a pregnancy would cause her to gain a lot of weight again, [that's why] she wants to take custody of Michael's children."

TWITPIC - KELSEY GRAMMER GETS TATTOO: KELSEY GRAMMER had his wife's name tattooed on his right hip over the weekend in Chicago. We know this because one of the shop's artists tweeted a picture of Kelsey in the chair getting his ink on ...

IMO, a hip tattoo on a guy is the second most NON-MANLIEST spot for a man to have a tatt. The tramp stamp area being the first. Dontchathink?

MAZEL TOV! LADY ANTEBELLUM'S DAVE HAYWOOD MAKE THE BIG MISTAKE: Lady Antebellum's Dave Haywood is a married man! He tied the knot with Kelly Cashiola on Saturday at a private farm in the couple's hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Haywood proposed in December by transforming their home into a winter wonderland and using a string of Christmas lights to spell out, "Will you marry me?"