WAIT, WHAT??? IS 'STAR' INFERRING WILL SMITH IS GAY???!!!: The not-always-reliable "Star" tabloid is claiming that JADA PINKETT is getting fed up with WILL SMITH'S bromance with TISHA CAMPBELL-MARTIN'S husband. They don't say outright that it's a gay thing, but it's heavily implied.

Will reportedly spends more time with Duane than he does with Jada and the kids. According to their un-named source, quote, "Jada can’t stand Will’s relationship with Duane. She feels like Will flaunts it in her face, hanging out with him every day and taking him on exotic vacations while she’s sitting home alone." Over the past four months, Will and Duane have been spotted at restaurants and art openings in Miami, a trade show in Vegas and on a "private cruise" in Trinidad.

The tab's source adds that he or she believes Will and Jada’s marriage is headed for Splitsville. Quote: "It’s only a matter of time until one of them makes the split official and files for divorce."

IN DENIAL - SANDRA BULLOCK: SANDRA BULLOCK and movie director Brett Ratner are denying an 'In Touch' magazine report that claims they are an item, and were recently seen all up in each other at an Academy Award after-party.

"We think that it's incredibly sad that in these times, this magazine would resort to complete fabrication, solely for financial gain,” said the two stars in a joint statement. "There is not a shred of accuracy in their story. We have not seen nor spoken to each for over a decade. We both had a great time after the Oscars, just not with each other."

PHOTOGRAPHER TRYING TO DISCOURAGE LINDSAY LOHAN; 'NOT INTERESTED': LINDSAY LOHAN has reportedly set her sights on an older man, although a love connection isn’t likely to happen -- but it’s not from a lack of her trying. According to Radar Online, Lindsay shared a “steamy night of passion,” with 46-year-old photographer Terry Richardson earlier this year, and is now looking for a relationship, although he is “just not interested,” and actually regrets “hooking up with her.”

“They had a major night of passion after they worked on this photo shoot together and now she’s going all out to get her claws into him,” claims a source. “Lindsay has been texting and phoning him nonstop and he’s actually kind of freaked out by how strong she’s been coming on to him.”  Adds the source, “He’s trying to work out a way to let her down gently without blowing their friendship.”

MORE NUDE JESSICA SIMPSON!!!: You may have noticed in yesterday’s Hollywood Dirt Report JESSICA SIMPSON following in DEMI MOORE'S pregnant footsteps by posing in a nude cover photo for Elle magazine. Jess went nude inside the mag as well. Check out a few more photos from the spread ...

Simpson revealed in the accompanying article that she’s hoping the baby girl shares her tastes. "I swear, I will croak if she asks me for a pair of Nikes instead of Christian Louboutins! Eric is so athletic. We're gonna have this athletic girl and I won't even be able to take her shopping, 'cause all she's gonna want is sports bras and Nikes!"

LINK - PREGNANT NUDE CELEBRITY SLIDE SHOW: Here’s a bit of a related time-waster: THIS GALLERY features pregnant nude celebrity pics from the past. Fittingly, it starts off with the innovator herself, Demi Moore, and also includes Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. What are your thoughts on pregnant women posing naked? Do you find it erotic? Empowering? Disturbing? Stomach-churning? Discuss.

PEEP DIS - SNOOKI'S ENGAGEMENT RING: When SNOOKI'S boyfriend and baby daddy put a ring it, he went big. Check out the  $55,000, 5-carat ring ...

The jeweler who made it says Snooki's man proposed at the W Hotel in Hoboken, New Jersey, and went old school . Quote, "[He] got down on one knee on the balcony. Snooki had no idea that she was getting an engagement ring."

BOBBI KRISTINA INHERITS ALL OF WHITNEY'S ASSETS: WHITNEY HOUSTON'S will, which she signed in 1993 -- a month before she gave birth to Bobbi -- was filed yesterday in Atlanta and shows she left all her assets to daughter Bobbi Kristina. Whitney's estate, which is valued at around $20 million, will be put in a trust and Bobbi, 19, will get a portion when she turns 21, another portion when she turns 25, and the rest when she's 30.

BABY POOP: It's going to be a girl for UMA THURMAN, a source tells Life & Style magazine. The “Kill Bill” star and boyfriend are set to welcome the baby at the end of summer.

QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "I like my boobs. They've always served me well." -- JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT, when asked by "Maxim" magazine to name her favorite body part.

Jennifer also discusses the vajazzling craze she started. And yes, she still does it. She says, quote, "The fun part of being a girl is that there are little beauty things you can do to make yourself feel special. I can walk around all day and think, 'Nobody has any idea that I have a sparkly secret in my pants right now.' Aw man, now I’M going to walk around all day thinking of her sparkly secret! I LOVE YOU JENNIFER LOVE HUGEBOOBS!

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION DAVID ARQUETTE: DAVID ARQUETTE has split from his girlfriend, Entertainment Tonight reporter Christina McLarty, after nearly five WHOLE months. "Sadly I'm single again,” Arquette tweeted. “A long-distance relationship proved to be too difficult."

WATCH - ELLEN DeGENERES EDITS HERSELF INTO 'BACHELOR' EPISODE: ELLEN DEGENERES is too funny. Watch this video of Ellen edited into this week's episode of "The Bachelor.” It's starts with her telling the girls that she didn't do the show to meet a guy, she did it to meet the GIRLS ...