CELEBRITIES IN TROUBLE - MILEY CYRUS ACCUSED OF ASSAULT: MILEY CYRUS is in troule with the law after she allegedly hit a guy at an L.A. nightclub Saturday night.

According to TMZ, the "victim" says he and his friend accidentally bumped into the seat of Miley's fiancé LIAM HEMSWORTH, and the two posses got all up in each other's grills. But before a beat down could ensue, Miley jumped in and got in the middle.

The guy alleges that Miley pushed him away and struck him in the face. He filed a police report, but chances are this won't go anywhere. Police say the guy had no signs of injury, and a couple of witnesses claims Miley kept her fists to herself and didn't hit anyone.

JESSICA SIMPSON SHOWS OFF BIKINI PHOTO! (OF HER DAUGHTER MAXWELL): JESSICA SIMPSON revealed more than her Weight Watcher's pre-baby bod on KATIE COURIC'S new talk show yesterday. The proud new mom shared an adorable photo of daughter Maxwell's first bikini pic ...

Jess, by the way, said she's lost more than 40 pounds since giving birth four months ago but wouldn't give an exact amount on her weight loss, saying, "It's not about the numbers." Her Weight Watchers commercial was also unveiled. It was shot two weeks ago and doesn't show her body. "I didn't want the big body reveal moment," said Simpson. "It wasn't me."

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION CARRIE ANN INABA: "Dancing With the Stars" judge CARRIE ANN INABA has called off her engagement. No word on a reason why. All her rep would tell People magazine is that she and her former fiancee, quote, "decided early in the summer to break off their engagement and have remained friends."

Carrie Ann was very publicly proposed to on 'Live! With Regis and Kelly' in March of last year.

RIHANNA AND PIERS MORGAN'S IN (BRIEF) TWITTER WAR: RIHANNA and CNN’s PIERS MORGAN were beefin’ on Twitter the other day after Piers tweeted,” I think Rihanna needs to grow her hair back. Fast.”

RiRi then put Morgan on blast, retweeting his comment and adding, ‘grow a dick... FAST!!!!” Ooooh, burn!

Piers fired off the following reply: “This a good time to ask for an interview?” To which Rihanna quickly responded, “haaaa! Only if it’s not about cosmetics! But phuck yea lets do it!!!!!!” Morgan ended the rapid-fire beef, writing, “Excellent! I’ll supply a wig.” Well played, Piers, well played.


CELEBRITIES BEHAVING BADLY - AMANDA BYNES STILL DRIVING: AMANDA BYNES apparently doesn't care that her license was suspended last week because girlfriend hit the road over the weekend only to get pulled over by the LAPD Sunday night for driving with her headlights off. And the po-po either didn't run her plates or didn't care she wasn't supposed to be behind the wheel because they let her go with a verbal warning. (PHOTO)

Bynes refused to take a breathalyzer after being busted for DUI over the summer, which triggered an automatic 1-year license suspension.

MORE DETAILS ON THE RYAN/BLAKE WEDDING: Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina has confirmed via their Facebook page that RYAN REYNOLDS and BLAKE LIVELY got married there on the down low over the weekend. The plantation, come to find out, was used for the RYAN GOSLING/RACHEL MCADAMS movie ‘The Notebook’

We’re slowly finding out other details of the secret nuptials. According to Martha Stewart Weddings, the bride wore a one-of-a-kind gown by Marchesa, which featured a silk tulle bodice and rose gold embroidery. Lively’s bridesmaids also wore Marchesa. Ryan and his groomsmen were equally dressed to the nines in suits by Burberry.

EMMA WATSON THE MOST DANGEROUS CELEBRITY SEARCH: Googling EMMA WATSON could be hazardous to your computer's health.

According to the security software company McAfee, the ‘Harry Potter’ star is the "most dangerous" celebrity to search for online. The company concluded there’s a one-in-eight chance trying to find news or photos of the 22-year-old will lead you to a malicious site, which may mean getting infected with malware.

JESSICA BIEL came in second, followed by EVA MENDES, SELENA GOMEZ and HALLE BERRY. And apparently it’s far more dangerous to search for women. The only guy to make it in the top twenty was JIMMY KIMMEL.