LINDSAY LOHAN IGNORES COMMUNITY SERVICE: LINDSAY LOHAN seems to be asking to be sent back to jail. According to Radaronline, no matter how many times her team tells her she needs to focus on completing her community service, Lindsay just keeps putting it off.

Judge Stephanie Sautner ordered Lindsay to complete 480 hours of community service in connection with her no contest plea in her theft case, but so far Lindsay has only finished about 60 hours.

Says an insider ... "Lindsay's rationale is that she has a year to complete the service, so she isn't concerned about it right now.” She's due back in court October 17th for a progress report, and insiders believe the judge will not be happy with her lack of progress.

'GLEE'S' MATTHEW MORRISON vs. JONAH HILL!!! WHO YOU GOT???: Celebrity feud alert! "Moneyball" actor JONAH HILL is calling out "Glee's" MATTHEW MORRISON after Matthew dissed him on two separate occasions.

On "Jimmy Fallon" the other night, Jonah discussed how Matt embarrassed him by loudly telling him to stop talking during the FOX upfront presentation in May. Jonah told Jimmy, "I'm sure he's a good human being, but you don't throw a dude under the bus who's just sitting there being quiet. I've never met him before. He bullied me!"

Then at a Hollywood party ... Jonah claims he overheard Matt making him the punch line in a joke told to "Gossip Girl" CHACE CRAWFORD. Jonah then put his new enemy on blast, saying, "Yo, Matthew Morrison, you better bring your s**t next time I see you."

ARE JENNIFER ANISTON AND BRAD PITT REALLY GOOD FRIENDS?: BRAD PITT keeps insisting that JENNIFER ANISTON is still a "dear friend" but a source close to Jen says they aren’t even on speaking terms. The "Aniston insider" told ‘Us Weekly’, quote, "They don't talk. She's 100 percent not speaking to him." Ever since Brad's comments about Jen to PARADE magazine were misconstrued, he’s been repeating that the two are good friends.

Just yesterday he told Matt Lauer, "I don't want them to say anything bad like that about Jen. She's a dear friend of mine." Jen has yet to comment on her ex’s initial comment and subsequent explanation.

ROMANCE REPORT - HAS PETE WENTZ MOVED ON???: PETE WENTZ must have finally moved on from ASHLEE SIMPSON because he was photographed holding hands with some chick yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles. It's Pete's first public display of affection with someone since Ashlee filed for divorce in February.

The sighting comes just days after Simpson and new boyfriend Vincent Piazza made it official by hitting the red carpet at a number of Emmy parties together in L.A.


COULD BE TRUE BUT PROBABLY CRAP - DIDDY IS CREEPING WITH CHRISTINA MILIAN: Rumor has it that DIDDY and CHRISTINA MILIAN have a lil something-something going on. Granted this is according to the rarely-if-ever-reliable Mediatakeout gossip site, but it’s too good a rumor to pass up.

A Palms Hotel waitress alleges the two were looking very cozy two weekends ago in Las Vegas. The waitress told the site that Christina was allegedly sitting on Diddy's lap, and that he was allegedly feeling her up. The thing is, Diddy has a girlfriend – singer Cassie, Christina is good friends with her!!!

RUMOR CONFIRMED - A.ROD AND CAMERON OVER: ALEX RODRIGUEZ has confirmed the rumors – he and CAMERON DIAZ are over. But he assured us all via "People" that they'll "always be friends." Sources say the decision to call it quits was mutual.

RUMOR FIX - SCARLETT AND KIERAN NOT DATING: SCARLETT JOHANSSON and MACAULY CULKIN'S brother, KIERAN, are not dating. According to sources who spoke to 'Us Weekly' they are just old friends who went to high school together. "She has never hooked up with Kieran," the source insists.

REALITY TV BYTES - X FACTOR IS A RATINGS DISAPPOINTMENT: SIMON COWELL told TMZ earlier this week that he wanted to beat "American Idol" in the ratings department. But he's got a ways to go before that's going to happen.

About 12.5 million viewers tuned into the debut of Simon's much-hyped "X Factor" Wednesday night. That's not even half the audience of Idol's season 10 premiere in January, which had more than 26 million watching.

Simon Cowell's worried. You can see it on what's left-of-his-face. Hi-Yo!!! No, YOU shut up!!!

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COVER SHOT – KATY PERRY: KATY PERRY is on the cover of October's “InStyle” magazine ...

And in the feature article, shares that she's a little jealous of BEYONCE’S baby news, but the singer -- who will celebrate her one-year wedding anniversary next month, insists she's in no rush to have a baby of her own.