WATCH REESE WITHERSPOON FREAK OUT IN ARREST VIDEO: TMZ got the dash cam video from REESE WITHERSPOON'S arrest two weeks ago, and it is too funny!

Everything we had heard she did, like the stuff about playing the fame card, was all true and then some. The best part is, the whole time she's going off on the cop her husband is standing there in cuffs, and then when Reese gets stuffed and cuffed he throws her under the bus, telling the cop "I'm sorry. I had nothing to do with that."

REESE ADMITS ON GMA TO LYING TO THE COPS: Reese opened up to Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos Thursday in her first interview since the embarrassing incident, admitting she had a "crazy" night and had, quote, "no idea what I was saying." She said, "I saw him arresting my husband and I literally panicked... I told him I was pregnant. I'm not pregnant!"

And though she and husband Jim Toth might never live that night down, at least they got off lightly. On Thursday, Reese pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct and Jim pleaded guilty to DUI. She'll have to pay a $213 fine, and Jim will have to perform 40 hours of community service and attend an alcohol education program. He's also been placed on probation for 12 months.

LOHAN LUNACY - LINDSAY SKIPS FIRST DAY OF REHAB/CONVINCES FORMER ATTORNEY TO RETURN: They tried to make LINDSAY LOHAN go to rehab, but she said, "No, no, no!" Lindsay rolled up to Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, California yesterday morning, but never got out of her SUV. The car drove away and never came back. A source says, "She went shopping at an electronics store, then she was on the (rehab center) property for a couple minutes but got spooked by the paparazzi.

She was saying, 'I'm not going to rehab. I'm not going to rehab. Take me back to the airport' Making matters worse, Lindsay made a liar out of lawyer, Mark Heller, who was telling court officials that she'd begun her rehab stint when she was actually at the electronics store.

But wait, there's more! TMZ reports that prosecutors will now seek an arrest warrant for Linds, unless her lawyer can convince the judge otherwise. And I don't mean Heller! TMZ says LoHo spent most of yesterday pleading with her former attorney to return. And surprisingly, Shawn Holley agreed to represent Lindsay! Word is Shawn will likely ask the judge to delay any arrest warrant and is reportedly already at work trying to get approval on a rehab facility other than the Morningside in Newport Beach.

UPDATE: Shawn Holley was able to broker a deal and Lindsay is said to be the Betty Ford Center's newest resident. TMZ reports prosecutors are happy with the arrangement and will not pursue arrest warrant.

IT’S ON! NICKI MINAJ CALLS MARIAH CAREY ‘INSECURE, BITTER’: The NICKI MINAJ - MARIAH CAREY feud continues. Nicki went off on Mariah yesterday after they bickered on "American Idol" the night before. Minaj hit up Twitter and basically called Mimi a bitter old woman, and brought up the rumor that they were trying to replace her with Jennifer Lopez. This because Mariah pointed out that Nicki was the only one at the “A.I.” judges panel without any number one hits.


See what happened was Mariah was trying to critique a contestant’s performance, and Nicki butted in to point out that she had already said the same thing. Mariah never looked at or spoke directly to Nicki when she pointed out that the contestant was singing a Billboard number one hit, which not every artist has.

So Nicki took it online ... Tweeting, “She's sad I tied her record for Hot 100 entries in only 3 years of being in the game. Yep, a black female rapper." And Minaj didn't end things there. She then tweeted: "What u SHOULD be doing (wit your messy [expletive]) is asking why a woman SO successful at her age, is still so INSECURE, and bitter. ”And then the coup de grace: she alluded to rumors that Idol wants to replace Mariah with JENNIFER LOPEZ