LOHAN LUNACY - LINDSAY AND MOM HAVE BLOWOUT, COPS CALLED: Stop me if you've heard this before... LINDSAY LOHAN, blah, blah, blah, cops were called. Yup, it happened again. And this time it involved her mom, Dina.

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According to TMZ, Lindsay and mama Dina were hanging out at a nightclub inside the same hotel where Linds allegedly hit some dude a few weeks ago while pulling into the garage. Dina, the gossip site says, "was wasted" and started arguing with Lindsay over where they should have the limo take them.

Lilo wanted to be taken back to her hotel, Dina wanted the driver to take her to her Long Island home so she wouldn't have to pay for a taxi. Things escalated, stuff was broken, and TMZ says it got physical. Cops took a Domestic Incident Report, but no arrests were made. Story developing. Stay tuuuuned!

STEVIE NICKS WEIGHS IN ON MARIAH/MINAJ FEUD: For the last couple of weeks, America has been taking sides in the MARIAH CAREY / NICKI MINAJ 'American Idol' beef, and apparently singer STEVIE NICKS is on Team Mariah. So how would she have handled the situation? With violence.

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"If I had been Mariah," the former Fleetwood Mac member tells London's Daily Beast, "I would have walked over to Nicki and strangled her to death right there. I would have killed her in front of all those people and had to go to jail for it."

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - DANNY DEVITO’S WANDERING EYE TO BLAME FOR END OF MARRIAGE: The public was pretty shocked to learn Monday that the shortest couple in Hollywood, DANNY DEVITO and RHEA PERLMAN, were separating after 30 years of marriage. And now we know why.

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RadarOnline is saying it was Perlman’s decision to end the marriage because she was fed up with Danny constantly hitting on women.

“He may not appear to be a ladies’ man, but Danny certainly gets a lot of female attention,” the gossip site's source said. “Danny can be quite the flirt because of his powerful status in Hollywood, and he’s not ashamed to abuse his position and chat-up young, aspiring women looking to make it in the industry."

But after years of looking the other way, Rhea finally had enough. An insider said she hasn't been happy "for a long, long time.”

RELATIONSHIP REPORT - KIM AND KANYE HOUSE HUNTING IN MIAMI: How serious are things between KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST? Serious enough that they're thinking about moving in together. TMZ reports Kimye has started house hunting in Miami. Word is they're looking at waterfront properties in the 7 to 10 million dollar price range.

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On a related note ... Check out this pic of Kimmy playfully grabbing her some of dat while out house hunting yesterday (PHOTO)

BABY POOP: REGGIE BUSH confirmed in a radio interview yesterday that, yes, he did indeed knock up his Kim K look-alike girlfriend. He added that he's "hoping for a boy." And if it's a girl? "I'm going straight to the gun shop!"


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CELEBRITY DO GOODERS - GEORGE CLOONEY: El Paso City Council just passed an ordinance banning panhandlers from aggressively soliciting for a hand out. And judging from his recent actions, it's a ban GEORGE CLOONEY would not be down with.

Clooney was leaving a restaurant in NYC the other night with girlfriend STACY KEIBLER when he spotted a homeless man in a military jacket and dog tags. George stopped to talk to the man, and then gave him ten bucks. (PHOTO)