IS LADY GAGA ENGAGED???!!!: A photo that went online over the weekend had many wondering if LADY GAGA had done an about face and was suddently engaged to be married. Despite a photo that seems to say to the contrary, LADY GAGA is not -- I repeat -- not engaged. Photographer and close friend Terry Richardson posted a photo Saturday of Gaga sporting a huge rock with the caption, "Gaga showing off her new engagement ring!" Sources say it's just a ring and Gaga is not engaged to anyone. Last we heard, she and boyfriend Taylor Kinney had broken up.

JOHN TRAVOLTA ACCUSER CHANGES STORY: Now that JOHN TRAVOLTA has offered up proof he wasn’t in Los Angeles on January 16th, the day John Doe #1 claimed he was sexually assaulted by the actor, the plaintiff has changed his story. According to Radaronline, John Doe #1 now says he got the date incorrect, but still insists the attack happened.

“It was a miscalculation,” claims a source, who adds that the alleged victim says the incident occurred on an earlier date, and that the lawsuit will “likely be amended.” But it looks as though John Doe #1’s case is falling apart. Radaronline also reports that on Friday the lawyer he initially hired stopped handling his case.

Meanwhile ... a third man has come forward claiming he was sexually harassed. Chilean-born Fabian Zanzi claims that while working on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship back in 2009, Travolta offered him $12,000 to have sex with him. Travolta's lawyer continues to deny all the claims.

JESSICA SIMPSON SELLS FIRST BABY PICS FOR $800K: JESSICA SIMPSON is starting to cash in on the birth of her daughter. People magazine will reportedly pay the star $800,000 to publish exclusive photos of  Maxwell Drew Johnson. By comparison, NICOLE RICHIE got $1 million for her baby pics, JENNIFER LOPEZ recieved $6 million for photos of her twins, while ANGELINA JOLIE raked in a whopping $11 million for photos of her twins.

Word on the street is there wasn’t even a bidding war for the shots. People was supposedly the only magazine who wanted them. (--And if this recent tweet of hers is any indication, I'm betting at least one of the baby pics will feature Maxwell in a headband.)

SNAPSHOT - JT AND BIEL MAKE OUT: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and JESSICA BIEL made out for the Kiss Cam at the Lakers-Nuggets game on Saturday night ...

WHITNEY HOUSTON'S FAMILY GETS REALITY SHOW: WHITNEY HOUSTON'S  relatives are getting a Lifetime reality show. The show will focus on Whitney's sister-in-law and manager Pat Houston and include daughter Bobbi Kristina, mother Cissy and cousin Dionne Warwick. In a statement, Lifetime said, "The Houston Family Chronicles will bravely reveal [the Houston family] lives as they bond together to heal, love and grow." You can read more about the show HERE.

BABY POOP: Avengers star CHRIS HEMSWORTH and his wife, actress Elsa Pataky, welcomed a baby girl they named India on Friday. This is the first child for the couple, who wed in December 2010.


WATCH - KRIS HUMPHRIES TAKES A SHOT AT KANYE WEST: KRIS HUMPHRIES took a jab at KANYE WEST in a new comedy skit on the humor website FunnyOrDie. In the sketch, his PR firm tries to convince Kris to embrace his image as the most hated player in the NBA.

In one scene they put him in a pair of white "shutter" sunglasses, like Kanye wears. But one of the P.R. people pulls them off, saying, quote, "We don't want you to look like an [A-hole]. We just want you to look like a [D-bag]." Here's the video. WARNING!!! Uncensored. Contains mucho PROFANITY.