KIM KARDASHIAN EX RELEASES KIM K DISS SONG: KIM KARDASHIAN'S sex tape partner RAY J is releasing a new song tomorrow. Normally such news wouldn't even be news, much less headline material, except that it sure sounds like the song is about KIM KARDASHIAN.

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To begin with, it's called "I Hit It First" and the lyrics don't leave a lot of room for confusion as to who he's referring to. Then there's the fact that he used a famous picture of Kim in a black bikini for his cover art, although he distorted it. Of course, Ray wasn't really the first guy to hit dat, but it was the sex tape he and Kim made together that propelled her and her family to the level of fame they now enjoy.


Here's a sampling of some of the unambiguous lyrics . . .

"She might move on to rappers and ballplayers / But we all know I hit it first / I had her head going North and her ass going South / But now baby chose to go West."

And here's a clip of the track. Go HERE if you want to hear the whole thing.

Although there's been no official word from Kim or Kanye about this ... the rarely-if-ever-reliable gossip site MediaTakeOut claims Kanye is fuming over this, but will not hit back with his own diss track because that would be giving Ray more publicity than he deserves. Says their source, quote, "Kanye don't condone broke ass, jealous b****es who be trying to bite off he and Kim's fame just to stay relevant." Word.

Meanwhile . . . Kim was photographed wearing another pretty unflattering outfit. (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

BABY POOP - HALLE BERRY IS PREGNANT: HALLE BERRY and OLIVIER MARTINEZ are expecting a baby! Halle's rep confirmed she's been fetused but that's all he would say. Quote, "We will not be commenting on or confirming any additional details."

But who needs official details when we have the World Wide Web of Anonymous Sources to fall back on, right? According to TMZ, Halle is three months along and they're having a boy. This will be Olivier's first child. Here's a picture of Halle with the beginnings of a baby bump. (PHOTO)

CELEBRITIES BEHAVING BADLY: Police were called to a Hollywood club over the weekend after actresses JAIME PRESSLY and ESTELLA WARREN nearly got into a fist fight. Jaime is the actress who played Joy on "My Name Is Earl". Estella is probably best known for the 2001 "Planet of the Apes" remake.

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Here's what happened: Jaime and Estella were among several people at a birthday party at an L.A. home. The party then moved on to a nightclub owned by DAVID ARQUETTE. But Jaime and her assistant didn't leave the house right away because they couldn't find her assistant's purse. An app on the assistant's phone, which was still in her purse, tracked it to the club.

There, they found Estella with what appeared to be Jaime's assistant's purse. An argument ensued after sources say Estella wouldn't give up the purse, claiming it was hers -- even though the assistant's things were still in it.Things didn't get physical, but it got heated enough for police to get involved.

Drugs were allegedly also found in the purse ... but it's not clear whose they were. Jaime and her assistant swore they weren't theirs, and offered to take drug tests. As far as we know, nobody was arrested, and neither of them has spoken about it.

RELATIONSHIP REPORT - TAYLOR SWIFT BLAMES HARRY STYLES FOR FAILED ROMANCE: TAYLOR SWIFT claims she was the good guy in her relationship with One Direction's HARRY STYLES. Her reasoning? Because she was ready to go all in and he wouldn't commit.


And can you blame him? I mean, come on, he's 19 with presumably countless number of women throwing themselves at him.

She tells "Wonderland" magazine, quote, "Relationships are like traffic lights. And...I can only exist in a relationship if it's a green light." As to how she's been dealing with the breakup, she said, quote, "It's very complex," but in a nutshell, she's been feeling sad, angry, fine, confident, doubtful, insecure, jealous, and sad again.

Makes you wonder if she'll condense it down to one billion selling breakup song or spread it out over one billion selling album, huh?

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, SELENA GOMEZ SWATTED: Two more celebrities were "swatted" on Friday. First, someone called 911 claiming four black males entered JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE'S house, fired two shots and left a box with red blinking lights. About two hours later, SELENA GOMEZ was "swatted."

TMZ says a prankster told a dispatcher that the star's dad fatally shot her mother and that her father was going to burn the house down. Selena and her mom were reportedly home when officers arrived. RIHANNA was swatted Thursday and the day before that DIDDY was hit.