FAKE KIMYE BABY PICS FOR SALE: Someone has been trying to sell the media photos they purport to be that of baby North West - the fruit of KIM and KANYE'S loins. But TMZ says people close to the couple are telling them the pics aren't the real deal.

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And they know this because apparently Kim herself is circulating fake baby pictures to see which of her "friends" tries to sell them. The gossip site says one person has already approached them with an offer to $ell one of the bogus baby photos. (FAKE PHOTO 1) (FAKE PHOTO 2)

CHRIS BROWN ACCUSED OF ASSAULT: A 24-year-old woman is accusing CHRIS BROWN of assaulting her Saturday night. Deanna Gines tells TMZ she was with Chris in the VIP section of an Anaheim, California nightclub and as the bar was about to close, he deliberately shoved her to the ground. She fell hard on her knees, causing her to tear ligaments in her right knee and she may need surgery. She subsequently filed a police report against Brown for assault.

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Chris responded to the accusations on Twitter, writing, “I didn't do anything." And he just may be telling the truth. Several witnesses have stepped forward to say Gines “tripped and fell on a table, hitting her back on a chair” after Brown had left the club. The nightclub owner also seems to have Brown's back releasing a statement saying that it was actually Gines who was causing trouble that night, doing whatever she could to get close to Brown, who was in a closed off area. She was eventually escorted out of the club by security, but made a scene throwing her shoes at them.

Police are currently combing through security footage from the club to determine what (and who) really went down, and how.

PAULA DEEN LOSES ANOTHER GIG, SET TO APPEAR ON TODAY SHOW: After cancelling on the Today show Friday, PAULA DEEN has agreed to sit down with MATT LAUER tomorrow (Wednesday) to discuss the controversy surrounding her admission that she said the N-word in the past. Paula was fired from the Food Network Friday, and yesterday she lost her gig endorsing Smithfield hams. She is also in danger of losing her line of products with QVC.

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Meanwhile ... one person coming to Deen’s defense is REVEREND AL SHARPTON. The civil rights activist told TMZ he is sympathetic to Deen’s case, explaining, “A lot of us have in the past said things we have regretted saying years ago.” But he also pointed out that the whole reason Paula is dealing with this scandal is because a former employee is suing her for recent discrimination.

THE MEANING BEHIND NORTH: Apparently KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST weren’t just being cute when they decided to name their daughter North West. Sources tell TMZ they chose the name as a metaphor for “up,” explaining to friends, “What’s North of North? Nothing?” In addition, the couple consider their daughter the pinnacle of their relationship; their “North Star.”

MAYBE NORTH WEST ISN'T THE CRAZIEST CELEB BABY NAME: North West is a pretty lame baby name -- but it's not even close to being the most ridiculous celebrity baby name out there. Here are a few that are way worse:

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Sage Moonblood: SYLVESTER STALLONE gave his son this, um, unique name.

Tu Murrow: Actor ROB MURROW of “Numbers” fame obviously thought naming his son Tu was clever, ya know like to-morrow. Yeah.

Moxie Crimefighter: Magician and “Celebrity Apprentice” regular PENN GILLETTE gave his daughter this doozy of a name.

Bronx Mowgli: ASHLEE SIMPSON and PETE WENTZ'S son gets the name of a NY borough and a character from the Jungle Book.

Bear Blue: ALICIA SILVERSTONE named her son something that sounds like a cartoon character.

But as far as celebrity baby names go, I don't think anyone in Hollywood can beat “My Name is Earl” star JASON LEE. He named his son PILOT INSPEKTOR, for God's sake!

CELEBRITY DO GOODERS - WATCH BETTE MIDLER SERENADE A DYING FAN: I'm going to warn you right up front; this video is a real tearjerker.

A 28-year-old woman named Anna Greenberg recently died of cancer. But a couple of days before she passed, BETTE MIDLER, whom she had gotten to know over the past few months, called her on the phone. They spoke for a few minutes and then Anna tearfully asked her to sing "Wind Beneath My Wings" to her. Bette did. Anna’s sister recorded the phone call and put it up on Youtube in tribute.