KATIE HOLMES MAKES FIRST PUBLIC APPEARANCE SINCE FILING FOR DIVORCE - NOT WEARING WEDDING RING!!!: KATIE HOLMES stepped out in public yesterday for the first time since filing for divorce from TOM CRUISE Friday ... and she wasn't wearing her wedding ring!!! Katie emerged to film an episode of 'Project Runway', where she’ll be a guest judge.

Meanwhile ... it was business as usual for Cruise, who was spotted boarding a helicopter in Iceland as he headed to the remote location where he is filming his new movie.

KATIE IS NOT BEING FOLLOWED BY MEMBERS OF THE SCIENTOLOGY CHURCH: There were reports yesterday of strange men lurking around Katie's new apartment, taking photos and talking on headsets. Naturally, the tabloids and gossip sites speculated that the Church of Scientology had put some kind of a survellience tail on her.

But it turns out the men are actually working for Katie. Once she left Tom, Katie reportedly fired her security guard and chauffer because they were Tom's longtime loyal employees. The 'lurkers' are her new security people.

KATY'S GETTING SQUAT: The pre-nup that Holmes signed when she married Cruise pretty much cuts her out of his fortune -- and according to TMZ, that's fine by her. A source tells the gossip site, quote, "She's not about the money. She's not that girl. She loves to work." Katie hasn't ruled out challenging the pre-nup in court, though, but that's apparently mainly to ensure a fair level of child support for their daughter Suri.

IS CARLY RAE JEPSEN IN A NUDE PHOTO SCANDAL???!!!: Rumor has it "Call Me, Maybe" singer CARLY RAE JEPSEN has been doing other things with her cell phone --namely, sending nude pics of herself. Ruh-roh!

A supposed nude photo of Jepsen has been circulating on the World Wide Web of Celebrity Filth. Only, it's not her. The Twitter pic poster is actually some chick who likes to take off her clothes online and kind of, sort of looks like Jepsen on her worst day. And if she had some sort of meth problem.


USHER'S STALKER MAY COST HIM THE KIDS: USHER recently had to deal with a stalker who insisted she was his "wife" and had to be taken away from his residence twice -- and eventually hospitalized after she maintained that she was married to him. Usher thought he was out of the woods once the stalker was committed but unfortunately his real ex-wife plans to use the incident against him in their ongoing custody battle.

The two are due in court next month as Tameka Raymond continues to try to get sole legal custody of the kids. She plans to point to the fact that the stalker was able to get to Usher's front door twice although he lives in a gated community and has security as grounds that the kids aren't safe with their dad. To make matters worse for Usher, the kids were actually with him during one of the incidents.

BABY POOP - JOSH LUCAS IS A DAD: JOSH LUCAS and wife Jessica welcomed a baby boy on Friday. Noah Rev Mauer is the first child for Josh and Jessica, who made THE BIG MISTAKE this past March in New York City.

LINDSAY LOHAN IS THE CELEBRITY MOST WANT TO SEE IN A SEX TAPE: Which celebrity would you most like to see grinding one out in a sex tape? Well if you were one of the sexual deviants who took a survey by a couple of adult movie sites, it's LINDSAY LOHAN. Almost 8 in 10 of the deviants surveyed said they want to see Lindsay get it on. JENNIFER LOPEZ came in second.