JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE / JESSICA BIEL WED: Well whaddaya know, the tabloids got it right this time! JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and JESSICA BIEL did indeed make THE BIG MISTAKE, tying the proverbial knot Friday in southern Italy. The couple gave 'People' magazine the scoop, with a simple message that read, "It's great to be married, the ceremony was beautiful, and it was so special to be surrounded by our family and friends." 'People' will publish exclusive photos next week.

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Meanwhile ... Justin was spotted on Saturday in Fasano, Italy, wearing his new ring. (PHOTO) And yesterday with Jessica at the airport. (PHOTO)

BRITNEY SPEARS' MENTAL PROBLEMS STARTED WHEN TIMBERLAKE DUMPED HER: On the same day Timberlake married Jessica Biel, the civil trial pitting BRITNEY SPEARS and her family against her ex-manager Sam Lutfi entered its second day. On Friday, lawyers for Spears and her family gave their opening statement in the defamation trial, and revealed something pretty interesting about Brit's much publicized breakdown in 2007; it was all Justin Timberlake's faut!

2/26/02 (Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect.)

The  lawyer for Britney Spears’ father Jamie told jurors that Britney “changed” and “became depressed” after breaking up with Justin back in 2003.  According to the attorney, before her relationship with Justin, Britney was a, quote, "ray of light." But after the relationship "ended painfully", she became angry and depressed, and her downward spiral began.

Ironically, the KEVIN FEDERLINE years were actually a relief to Britney's parents because they represented a relatively calm period. But after they split up, Britney went off the deep end again. That's when Sam came into her life and made things worse. Jamie’s lawyer claimed that Sam was so heartless, he would hide Britney’s dog just to watch her cry and then made himself look like a hero by ‘finding it.” The trial is expected to last three weeks.

KATY PERRY CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY WITH JOHN MAYER - DRESSES AS SEXY VAMPIRE: KATY PERRY turns 28 Thursday, but celebrated it this past Friday at a costume party at Los Angeles’ Magic Castle with onn-again/off-again boyfriend JOHN MAYER. Perry dressed as a sexy vampire, while Mayer went as a vampire hunter with a prosthetic nose and chin. You can check out a couple of pics HERE and HERE.

KRIS JENNER SHOWS US HER PICS: KRIS JENNER Tweeted out a picture of herself in what I can only assume will be her Halloween costume, and didn't notice one of her nipples partially exposed! She deleted it, but her daughter KHLOE reposted it, saying, quote, "Hi nips. That's my mom."


Speaking of Jenner ... anyone else think Kris looks like "Three's Company" star Joyce DeWitt, only with waaaay too much plastic surgery? Check it out, L to R: Jenner from this past September, Dewitt in 2007 ...

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BABY POOP - IT'S A BOY FOR ADELE, AND A GIRL FOR HOLLY MADISON: The UK press is reporting that ADELE welcomed a baby boy on Friday, but there's been no official confirmation from the couple. This is Adele's first child. Boyfriend Simon Konecki has a young daughter from his first marriage.

2. Former "Girls Next Door" sHOLLY MADISON has revealed that she's having a baby girl. Actually, it was Madison’s boyfriend/baby daddy, Pasquale Rotella, who first spilled the beans when he posted a photo of Madison and her sonogram, with the caption, “Off to Amsterdam and I already miss my girls.”


Madison later confirmed the news to 'People', but refused to reveal what she plans to name her daughter, other than to say she didn't like "common names" and to expect a name that was, quote, "kind of Apple-ish."

CONCERT-GOERS UNAHPPY ABOUT MADONNA’S USE OF GUNS: Even though guns are obviously a sensitive topic in Colorado ever since the shooting in an Aurora movie theatre in July left 12 people dead, MADONNA did not remove the fake guns from her show when she performed in Denver  -- just 15 miles away from where the movie theater massacre happened. What, you're surprised?

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A local TV station reported that "several fans walked out" when she pulled out the guns, but Madonna's rep says she couldn't  remove that "scene" from her show because it would be "like taking out the third act of 'Hamlet'."

MELISSA RYCROFT RUSHED TO HOSPITAL AFTER 'DANCING' HEAD INJURY: “Dancing with the Stars” has its share of injuries, and yesterday, MELISSA RYCROFT became the latest.


Melissa was rushed to the emergency room with a head injury after she failed to properly execute a lift and landed on the hardwood floor with a thud. It was serious enough for a breathless press release from ABC, but not so serious in the eyes of doctors. The hospital immediately released Rycroft.

THEN AND NOW - 'JERRY MAGUIRE' KID: Jonathan Lipnicki, best remembered as the adorable five-year-old "Ray" in Jerry Maguire, turns 22 today. Here's what he looks like these days: (PHOTO)

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