BREAKING NEWS! JUSTIN BIEBER GOES AFTER PHOTOGRAPHER, THREATENS TO BEAT HIM UP!: JUSTIN BIEBER is obviously feeling a whole lot better after collapsing backstage at a show in London. Well enough to go after a photographer who Justin felt disrespected him.

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According to the Daily Mail, the altercation happened after his entourage moved a group of photographers out of the way as Justin was leaving his London hotel today. One of the camera guys who was pushed as he was trying to snap a picture shouted that Justin should, quote, "f**k off back to America."

Well, that set Bieber off, who proceeded to push his way through his entourage, and went off the the photographer yelling, quote, "What the f**k you say? What'd you say? I'll f**king beat the f**k out of you, man!" Check out Bieb's Hulk moment, which was naturally caught on camera: (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

KELLY OSBOURNE RUSHED TO HOSPITAL: KELLY OSBOURNE suffered a seizure in front of a live studio audience while taping "Fashion Police" yesterday. Witnesses say Kelly turned to guest host MELISSA RIVERS and said, quote, "I don't feel good" then fell out of her chair to the floor and started shaking. An audience member who happened to be some kind of emergency responder jumped in to help, and Kelly was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

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Her condition and what triggered the incident are not immediately known, but a rep for Osbourne later said she did not suffer a seizure, she simply fainted. However, you'll notice that differs from Kelly's Tweet before where she so much as says she had a seizure.


UPDATE - JUSTIN BIEBER FINE AFTER COLLAPSING AT CONCERT: It was a dark day yesterday after news of JUSTIN BIEBER’S collapse went viral. But calm down, everyone, The Biebs is fine. During his concert in London last night, with a few songs left to go, Bieber felt lightheaded, went backstage, and according to reports, "collapsed."

An emergency medical team gave him oxygen, and suggested that he go to the hospital to get checked out, but Justin – ever the consummate professional, insisted that he, quote, "had to finish the show for his fans." So, after a break, he hit the stage again, performed four songs, got a standing ovation, and then went to the hospital.

I can assure you that it’s all good now. I can report that with complete confidence because he posted a photo of himself lying shirtless in his hospital bed with his gown pulled down to reveal some of his underwear. Would a dying man have time to post, much less pose, for such an unnecessarily sexy picture?


On a related Bieber note ... It appears SELENA GOMEZ is waaaaaay over him and is ready to find someone more mature. A friend of hers tells RadarOnline, “Selena is looking to date an older man this time. She finally realized how toxic it was to date a toddler like Justin.” Oooh, snap!

UPDATE - KIM KARDASHIAN DID NOT SUFFER MISCARRIAGE, WARNED BY DOCTORS TO SLOW DOWN: As you may have heard, KIM KARDASHIAN was hospitalized Tuesday night with severe stomach pains. At the time there were worries she was having a miscarriage, but that did not turn out to be the case. Word is the doctor ordered her to slow her roll and get some rest.

An insider tells the New York Daily News that Kim is just putting her body through too much and not sleeping much because she's, quote, "been extremely stressed with the [divorce] case and the pending trial with [Kris Humphries]."

But another source blames Kim "not respecting her pregnancy" as the main cause. "She's running around, working out seven days a week...working with two different trainers to control her weight," he or she tells TMZ. "She's scared that her ass is [too big]. But she is having a very rough pregnancy, and doctors have ordered her to slow down."

KRIS HUMPHRIES P***ED HE'S GETTING BLAMED: I knew the second "sources" started blaming Kim's health scare on the toll her divorce trial was taking on her, KRIS HUMPHRIES' head was going to explode. And sure enough, Radaronline reports he's "livid" and is pretty sure Kim's people are using the opportunity to paint him in a bad light.

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“The only stress Kim is experiencing is temper tantrums because Kris isn’t just going to give her a divorce because it’s convenient for her," a source "exclusively" told the gossip site. "Perhaps Kim should also stop filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and stop the jet setting lifestyle." Aww, man, if you thought it was ugly between them before, it’s about to get all stupid up in here now, y'all!

DEMI MOORE OFFICIALLY FILES FOR DIVORCE, WANTS SPOUSAL SUPPORT: As expected, DEMI MOORE officially filed divorce papers from ASHTON KUTCHER yesterday. In the documents submitted to Los Angeles Superior Court, Demi cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split, and is requesting spousal support. She is also asking that Kutcher pay her attorney fees.

According to TMZ, Demi has WAY more money than Ashton so it's not likely a judge will award her any support. Hey, you don't know if you'll get something until you ask for it, right? And I'm sure it probably felt good on some level just to petition for it.

IS A SURROGATE CARRYING SOFIA VERGARA'S BABY?: The New York Post is reporting that the very sexy SOFIA VERGARA has found a way to have her cake and eat it too. Word is Sofia -- who's 40 and keeps a very active schedule with her career -- was worried about the stress on the baby. So she and fiance Nick Loeb had a fertilized egg implanted into the uterus of one of her good friends.

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According to thePost, the procedure is still in its early stages, and the couple won't know for a few weeks if the implantation was successful. The baby would be both of theirs, biologically.