JENNIFER ANISTON SETS WEDDING DATE - NO, SERIOUSLY: It's happening. After countless post-Brad relationships and many a false report, JENNIFER ANISTON has set a wedding date! And while no actual date has been announced, and the report hasn't been confirmed by Jen or anyone connected to her, People magazine's source says "it will be a small affair with their closest friends."

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The tattletale adds that “[Jen] is crazy about Justin and can’t wait to be his wife,” and that Jennifer will take Justin’s name, although not professionally. “She likes the way it sounds and jokes that [Jennifer Theroux] sounds very posh.”

ARE STEVEN TYLER AND CLINT EASTWOOD'S 19 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER HOOKING UP!?: What's going on between AEROSMITH singer STEVEN TYLER and CLINT EASTWOOD'S daughter Francesca? Maybe nothing, but the World Wide Wed of Celebrity Speculation went into overdrive last night when photos of the two showing up together at an L.A. restaurant were posted online. (PHOTO)

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After Francesca notices the shutterbugs, pics show her turning away trying to obscure her face. Word is, one of her friends asked the photographer to delete the images,but, of course, he didn't. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Steven is 64, Clint's kid is 19!!! I'll save you the trouble of doing the math; that's a 45-year age difference! They were supposedly meeting JIM CARREY and RUSSELL SIMMONS there to discuss some kind of project.

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION RACHEL McADAMS: RACHEL McADAMS is back on the market. Word is she and Michael Sheen, who she met on the set of the Woody Allen flick Midnight in Paris in 2010, have called it quits.

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LOHAN LUNACY - LINDSAY MAY GET PLEA DEAL: You may want to be sitting down for this one. It's quite the shocker ... It sounds like LINDSAY LOHAN may escape jail time again. TMZ reports that prosecutors in her lying-to-the-cops case have offered her a “no jail” plea deal, which would include a 60-day stay at a residential rehab facility, AA meetings and community service.

We told you yesterday that Lindsay’s lawyer Mark Heller sent an emotional letter to prosecutors pleading with them to help her not jail her. Heller claimed Lindsay was undergoing extensive psychiatric therapy, and begged them to join forces with him to become the team that “fixes” her. She's due in court tomorrow (Friday) so we'll see how on TMZ's sources are soon.

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - LIAM ACCUSED OF CHEATING ON MILEY WITH MAD MEN STAR: The "Star" tabloid claims LIAM HEMSWORTH messed around on MILEY CYRUS with "Mad Men" star JANUARY JONES at a pre-Oscar party over the weekend. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

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According to the tab, Liam went to a party at the Chateau Marmont without Miley and spent most of the evening with Jones. “It looked like they had some hot chemistry,” said one witness. “They were all over each other – and they even kissed!” To make matters appear worse, they left together in the same car. (PHOTO)

Miley attended the Elton John AIDs Foundation bash solo and made it a girl's night out.

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CELEBRITY BABY BUMPS: KRISTEN BELL bared her MASSIVE baby bump in public the other day. (PHOTO)

TAYLOR SWIFTS EX CATCHES SHOE IN THE CROTCH: The misguided direction of a fan’s shoe caused One Direction member and TAYLOR SWIFT ex HARRY STYLES to go down in pain during a concert in Glasgow, Scotland the other night. A fan threw a shoe onto the stage that unfortunately hit the boy band member in the crotch, leaving Styles writhing on the canvas.

And here's a GIF of Harry getting hit on the nuts repeatedly -- with a post-production added bonus of a Taylor Swift reaction shot spliced in.

Speaking of crotches ... who's the female celeb caught on camera walking around with a sweating crotch? Hit up the photo link to find out. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

CELEBRITIES IN TROUBLE - RICKY SHRODER: A female worker at LAX accuses RICKY SCHRODER of assaulting her.

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Her side of the story goes like this: Ricky got mad when she told him he could only bring two bags on the plane, and swatted her arm when she tried to take his boarding pass. Ricky's rep says that's NOT how it happened. He says the woman was rude and confrontational, and SHE'S the one who hit HIS arm. When she did that, his phone went flying, so Ricky lunged for his phone, and the woman screamed "Assault!"

After listening to the he-said-she-said, police decided not to arrest anyone or file a report.

CELEBRITY REAL ESTATE - CHRISTINA AGUILERA: CHRISTINA AGUILERA appears to have finally sold her over-the-top Bel Air mansion that has been sitting on the market for two years. Christina put the house on the market at $13.5 million and in the two years it was listed, she never wavered on price.

She bought the house formerly owned by OZZY and SHARON OSBOURNE for $11.5 million in 2007, and then proceeded to re-do each room in what InStyle magazine once described as, "Gothic, burlesque, Hollywood Regency and chinoiserie elements...juxtaposed with modern flourishes like graffiti artwork, Japanese anime and kaleidoscopic rugs."