TOM AND KATIE DIVORCE UPDATE: As you may have heard over the weekend, after more than five and a half years of marriage, TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES are cashing it in. Katie has filed for divorce. According to TMZ, Cruise -- who is currently in Iceland filming a movie --was “blindsided” by the announcement. Tom's rep tells the gossip site he's, quote, "deeply saddened and concentrating on his three children."

Word is Katie cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split. She is seeking sole legal custody of Suri and wants “primary residential custody,” as well as a “suitable amount” of child support.  TMZ says that Katie specifically filed for divorce in New York because Manhattan courts tend to favor the mother, and she’ll have a better chance at getting sole custody of Suri. Word is, Tom is expected to file his response to the divorce in California.

KATIE RENTED SECRET MANHATTAN APARARTMENT: The same day the papers were filed, Katie and Suri were seen moving out of the New York City apartment they shared with Tom. Sources are telling Us Weekly that Katie had been planning her split from Tom for weeks and that she’d been secretly renting a Manhattan apartment to move into once the papers were filed.

She also made sure to file the divorce papers when she knew Tom would be in Iceland filming. TMZ reports that the pair has actually been apart for weeks. In fact, Tom was in New York in early June to promote Rock of Ages, and rather than stay at his apartment with Katie, he stayed at the Greenwich Hotel.

DID SCIENTOLOGY DRIVE KATIE TO DIVORCE???: Of course as soon as the Tom and Katie divorce announcement hit, the Internet was abuzz over just what exactly went wrong. TMZ reports that Scientology was what prompted Katie to end the marriage. Sources tell the gossip site that Katie was never as committed to the religion as Tom, and she and Cruise had been arguing over daughter Suri’s involvement now that she is of the age where it would become a significant part of her life. She’s fighting for physical custody so she has a say in Suri's religious upbringing.

ALL OF TOM CRUISE'S MARRIAGES ENDED WHEN HIS WIVES WERE 33!!!: Here's an interesting factoid someone pointed out on the ‘net over the weekend … each of Tom’s three marriages ended when his wife was 33. Whoa!

And you know what else is interesting about the number 33? It's on the back of every bottle of Rolling Rock beer. Thirty-three was also Jesus' age when he was crucified. And 33 was the jersey number Tom wore in the 1983-football movie "All the Right Moves". Meanwhile, a man in China touches a pig. Mind blowing, huh?

ADELE HAS BEEN FETUSED!!!: The other big story that dropped late Friday was ADELE'S announcement that she and boyfriend Simon Konecki are expecting a baby. “I’m delighted to announce that Simon and I are expecting our first child together,” she wrote on her blog. “I wanted you to hear the news direct from me, obviously we’re over the moon and very excited but please respect our privacy at this precious time.” Adele is 24, Simon is 38. He's divorced and has a daughter from that previous marriage.

MAZEL TOV! - ALEC BALDWIN MAKES THE BIG MISTAKE: ALEC BALDWIN married his girlfriend HILARIA THOMAS on Saturday at St. Patrick's Old Cathedral in New York City. Here's a photo of a dapper looking Alec in his Tom Ford suite on his wedding day, and below is a pic that was Tweeted out of Alec with his brother Billy and his daughter Ireland at the reception...

It looks like Alec has a giant hand with painted nails, and he's grabbing his daughter's breast, doesn't it? It's not, though. Obviously it's someone else's hand and it looks big because it's closer to the camera lens.

Meanwhile ... Alec had another skirmish with the paparazzi outside his apartment in New York on Friday. Video footage shows Baldwin chasing a paparazzo as he was trying to walk away from the actor. Baldwin grabbed the guy’s arm, telling him, quote, “I want you to shut the f--k up and get outta here, I want you to get outta here. Leave my neighbor alone."

The photographer claims he was just wishing Baldwin luck on his wedding when the actor went off. But sources tell TMZ the photographer had been confronting residents of Alec’s building before the incident occurred.


RIHANNA’S GRANDMA PASSES - SINGER PERFORMS SLOPPY SHOW IN SWEDEN: I hope your weekend was better than RIHANNA’S. Perhaps she was distracted by news that her beloved grandmother had passed away of cancer because on Saturday night she disappointed fans big time at a performance at a Swedish music festival.

First, she hit the stage 45 minutes late, and according to some concertgoers she appeared intoxicated. We hear many concert goers chose to walk out not long after her show started, and those who stayed turned on her when she mistakenly dedicated her version of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” to Norway – NOT Sweden.

SNAPSHOT: BRITNEY SPEARS looking foine at the 'X Factor' Season 2 auditions in Providence, Rhode Island ...

ROMANCE REPORT: ASHTON KUTCHER and MILA KUNIS had lunch on Saturday, and based on the photos, it looked like they were canoodling! RadarOnline has the grainy photos HERE and HERE.