ASHTON KUTCHER SEX SCANDAL - DEMI STILL WEARING RING: DEMI MOORE was on "Good Morning America" yesterday and not only was she wearing her wedding ring, all references to ASHTON were positive.

Although she didn't address his alleged cheating, we did find out the two of them recently exchanged flowers. Demi said Ashton sent her a bouquet and a note that read, "I believe in you" to celebrate "Five" -- the upcoming movie she was on the show to promote, and she sent him an orchid to mark his debut on "Two and a Half Men".

Demi was on GMA along with JENNIFER ANISTON and ALICIA KEYS. "Five" is a movie dealing with breast cancer, which they all directed segments of and which will air on Lifetime.

ASHTON KUTCHER SEX SCANDAL - ANOTHER WITNESS SAYS ASHTON DID GET HIM SOME: To get all the juicy details of Ashton's night with Sara Leal, you know the chick he allegedly fornicated with on his wedding anniversary, "Star" magazine spoke  "exclusively" with a girl who was at the hot tub party that Ashton ended up hooking up with Sara Leal at ... allegedly.

According to the chick named Megan, Ashton did indeed hook up with Leal.  Quote, "Ashton and Sara definitely boned. They definitely hooked up, there was definitely sex involved."

Radaronline has more details and the video here.

ROMANCE REPORT - LEONARDO DiCAPRIO DATING HOT MODEL: A man like LEONARDO DiCAPRIO does not stay single for long. Only days after it was announced that he and BLAKE LIVELY had split, he's being linked to a new woman.

According to gossip site reports, Leo has been getting close to Australian model Alyce Crawford while he's been in Sydney filming "The Great Gatsby". Sources say the 21-year-old former 'Australia's Next Top Model' contestant has been making regular visits to Leo's hotel room.

"It's been going on about two weeks," a source told Australia's Daily Telegraph. "He texts her when he wants to see her and they hook up a few times a week." Crawford has denied being romantically or sexually involved with DiCaprio, but has called him a "lovely, lovely guy." It isn't surprising to hear that Leo has hooked up with a model, considering that before Blake, his last two long-term girlfriends were Gisele Bundchen and Bar Refaeli, both supermodels.

ROMANCE REPORT - BLAKE LIVELY; IS RYAN REYNOLDS HITTIN' DAT???!!!: But it's not like Blake is sitting at home sulking. Word is she spent the weekend in Boston with her hot, single “Green Lantern” co-star, RYAN REYNOLDS.

Ryan may have even been the reason for her split with DiCaprio. Sources say Blake has been attracted to Ryan for years, and co-starring with him in 'Green Lantern' coupled with his split from SCARLETT JOHANSSON rekindled her old crush.


CHRISTINA AGUILERA STUMBLES OUT OF CLUB: CHRISTINA AGUILERA done did it again ... walked out of a club and fell on her face! And, yes, cameras caught the fall.

Christina and her boyfriend, Matt Rutler, were partying at a London nightclub a couple of nights ago, and as they were leaving at 4am Christina lost her footing going down the steps in her sky high leopard print Christian Louboutins.

MICHAEL JACKSON MADNESS – CONRAD MURRAY TRIAL DAY 8 RECAP: Dr. Conrad Murray's legal team finally poked some holes in the prosecution's case yesterday, but the victory was short-lived.

The defense suggested a coroner's investigator made "substantial mistakes" when she searched Michael Jackson's bedroom after his death and that she has made significant changes in her testimony since the preliminary hearing last January. She admitted it wasn't perfect. But their small victory was short-lived when It was revealed MICHAEL JACKSON'S fingerprints were not found on any of the bottles of propofol or other medical evidence collected from Michael's bedroom after his death.

You can read a more detailed synopsis HERE.

SHARON OSBOURNE’S LEAKY BREASTS: SHARON OSBOURNE recently took a break from her co-hosting duties on "The Talk" to spend time with OZZY, we’d heard, but on yesterday's show she revealed she’d also used her time off to have her leaking breast implants removed.

"One of my boobies was kind of much longer than the other,” she said. “I'm thinking, this isn't right." Sharon adds her doctor told her that one of her implants was leaking, and that it had, quote, "leaked into the wall of her stomach."

WATCH: TMZ has footage of TOM CRUISE involved in a dance off at a wedding in Palm Springs this past weekend. Hit up the vid below to watch him bust out 'the worm,' then a split …

RIHANNA's WAXING EMERGENCY: Here’s how you know you’re famous: if you can wake some one up at 2 in the morning to give you a bikini wax, you’re big time.

Such was the case for RIHANNA, who needed to uh, tidy up, for a video shoot in the early morning and got to her hotel in Belfast, Ireland, super late -- when most of those who wax are fast asleep. Her assistants called around and found someone willing to drag herself out of bed to do the job.

R.I.P: Character actor CHARLES NAPIER died Wednesday after collapsing at his California home. He was 75 years old. Napier has been in many movies and television shows but is probably best known as Tucker McElroy, the leader of the country band The Good Ole Boys, in "The Blues Brothers".

He also played one of the cops Hannibal Lecter kills when he escapes from his jail cell in "Silence of the Lambs" and was in "Rambo: First Blood Part 2"