BRITNEY SPEARS ALLEGEDLY WEIRD AND ZOMBIE LIKE AT FRAGRANCE SHOOT: BRITNEY SPEARS recently shot a commercial for her new Elizabeth Arden fragrance, and according to on-set insiders, she was acting pretty weird.

"Britney didn't interact with the cast or crew at all during the two day shoot and she seemed to be just going through the motions when the camera was rolling," one tattletale told the gossip site PerezHilton, adding she "seemed out of it...almost robotic in her movements."

The insider also revealed that Brit, quote, "spent a lot of time in hair and make-up and nervously bit her fingernails and kept smoking throughout. She looked amazing though and her fans will love the commercial." And although security was supposedly "over the make sure that no one took any pictures," Brit herself Tweeted out a few pics last week. Peep them again HERE and HERE.

KATY PERRY SHOWS US HER TWEETS: KATY PERRY'S wardrobe malfunction went viral BIG TIME yesterday, but rather than get upset, Perry took to Twitter to make light of the incident.  "Let's be fair," she wrote, " I really think I deserve a season pass for that *** . . . Oh, and some flip-flops." The folks at Raging Waters agreed. They tweeted back, "We're sending @katyperry a Season Pass, flip flops, & a new swimsuit."

REHAB REPORT: According to TMZ, BOBBY BROWN is back in rehab. A source says it's for ALCOHOL abuse. Quote, "Bobby decided that he needed help and wants to make the best out of the rest of his life for his children's sake." Bobby's new wife confirmed he's in rehab, but wouldn't say what he's having a problem with.

Meanwhile ... The "National Enquirer" claims CUBA GOODING JR. is heading to rehab, following that incident in New Orleans in which he shoved a female bartender. The source says Cuba's wife got friends, family and colleagues together and held an intervention. In the end, Cuba, quote, "agreed to seek help for his boozing and to manage his temper."

COVERSHOT - TIM TEBOW: TIM TEBOW graces the cover of the latest GQ magazine ...

But inside its pages is where the real money shot is: SHIRTLESS Tebow!

What's your take on the shirtless Jesus pose? With his arms outstretched and one leg crossing in front of the other, he kind of looks like Jesus on the cross, dontchathink? Blasphemous much? Discuss.

SNAPSHOT: MILY CYRUS isn't the only celeb rockin' an extreme new 'do. HARRISON FORD was snapped out and about in Philly yesterday sportin' a buzz cut. (PHOTO)

CELEBRITIES WITHOUT MAKEUP: London's Daily Mail posted a photo of GWYNETH PALTROW leaving a Brentwood, California restaurant last night in "casual...chic attire," but no makeup on. (PHOTO 1) (PHOTO 2)

KIM KARDASHIAN'S COSTLY BEAUTY TREATMENTS REVEALED!!!: There’s no question KIM KARDASHIAN is beautiful, but all that beauty doesn’t come cheap.

According to Heat magazine, Kim spends about $100,000 a year on her looks, shelling out over $8,000 for treatments EVERY MONTH! Here's what her regimen supposedly includes: 24-karat gold facials, tequila body scrubs, laser treatments, massages, hair appointments and weekly eye lash appointments, not to mention all the time she spends with her personal trainer. Beauty also takes up a lot of Kim’s time, with the mag claiming she spends over 180 hours getting herself to look just right.

On a related note ... Kim, who is reprising her role as relationship guru Nikki LePree on the Lifetime series 'Drop Dead Diva,' gets locked up on the August 26th episode. Now, we know she can make a one-piece look sexy, but can she make a prison jumpsuit look sexy?  We Report, You Decide ...

R.I.P. - RON PALILLO: RON PALILLO, who played high school student Arnold Horshack on the '70s sitcom "Welcome Back Kotter," died suddenly yesterday morning of a heart attack. He was 63. Ron was discovered by his longtime partner in their home near Palm Beach, Florida. Although he was a heavy smoker, he was said to be in good health in the weeks leading up to his death.

Palillo is the second "Sweat Hog" to leave us. Earlier this year ROBERT HEGYES, who played Epstein, also died of a heart attack.