BABY POOP - BEYONCE IS PREGNANT: BEYONCE is going to be a mommy!!! Bey announced her pregnancy on the black carpet at last night's MTV Video Music Awards. She posed for photos with her hands cradling her baby-bump, saying, "I have a surprise!" ...

After the black carpet confirmation, Beyonce revealed the news onstage patting her baby bump after her performance of "Love on Top." She told the crowd, "I want you to feel the love that's growing inside me."

THE VMA'S - BIG WINNERS: KATY PERRY and ADELE were the night's big winners. Katy grabbed the top award, Video of the Year, for "Firework," plus Best Collaboration and Best Special Effects.

Adele's awards were all technical awards for "Rolling in the Deep". LADY GAGA won in the Best Female and new Best Video With a Message categories. That message being copy Madonna, sell lots of downloads, and win awards!

Speaking of Gaga ... Lady G opened the show by introducing her male alter ego "Joe Calderone" and then performing "You and I" as him. In fact,she stayed in character for the rest of the night --even when accepting the award for Best Female Video near the end of the show, and when presenting Britney her award ...

Perry, who had never won a VMA prior to last night, may have provided the evening's top fashion moment. While accepting her Video of the Year Award, she wore a yellow box hat that looked like it have been swiped from one of those "Cheesehead" Green Bay Packers fans ...

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One guy you didn't see at last night's "MTV Video Music Awards" was ADAM LEVINE from MAROON 5. Instead of attending, he decided to start a Twitter war with MTV by saying, quote, "The VMAs [are the] one day a year when MTV pretends to still care about music. I'm drawing a line in the sand. [Eff] you, VMAs."

ROMANCE REPORT - MINKA'S NEW MAN: Days after we got word of the DEREK JETER/MINKA KELLY split Minka's already found herself another man --"Charlie's Angels" co-star, Ramon Rodriguez.

An on-set source tells "People", quote, "We have seen Minka and Ramon talking in his trailer way after hours, and often late into the night. They have been together long after they need to be for the show." But another source begs to differ saying, quote, "They're just friends. Ramon is basically the only guy on set so of course they all hang out with him."

ROMANCE REPORT - JENNIFER ANISTON SHACKS UP: Fresh from a romantic seaside Hawaiian vacation, JENNIFER ANISTON and JUSTIN THEROUX have taken a different kind of plunge – the pair have officially moved in together, a source tells “People”. The couple, who have been house-hunting for a little over a month, decided to rent a house in the Hollywood Hills while they continue looking for something a little more permanent.


COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP – MARIAH’S BLINGED OUT BABIES: According to "In Touch Weekly", Mariah has given their 4-month-old twins Moroccan and Monroe some serious bling. A source says, quote, "Mariah bought diamond earrings for her daughter, and she's hoping to have her ears pierced soon. Plus, both kids have diamond-encrusted diaper pins.”

HURRICANE LABEOUF HITS L.A. NIGHTCLUB: Hurricane Irene wasn't the only thing drenching people over the weekend.

According to an un-named Life & Style source, a "seemingly wasted" SHIA LaBEOUF made it rain at a L.A. nightclub over the weekend. But instead of throwing dollar bills up in the air, he acted like a rain cloud by picking up a water bottle and shooting "a mouthful of water all over his date's legs.”

According to the eyewitness, “he then put more water in his mouth and started spitting it all over his table mates, including Marilyn Manson." When Manson tried to calm the “Transformers” star down, Shia got even angrier. The witness says, "All of a sudden, [he] started shouting at his date and getting visibly angry." Eventually, he bolted from the club as his date chased after him. The two never returned.

COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP - ASHLEE SIMPSON DRUNK DIALS EX: ASHLEE SIMPSON may have a new man in her life, but apparently she isn't completely over her ex. A source tells “Us Weekly” that Ashlee recently drunk dialed PETE WENTZ and professed her love to him. "Ashlee was telling Pete how much she misses him and wants him back,” explained the source.

Although Ashlee's rep denies the call was ever made, a friend of Pete's claims Ashlee is desperate to reunite with Wentz, but Pete not so much. "He will never go back to her," claims the friend. "He's in a good place."

LEAH REMINI SHOWS US HER TWEETS: Reports that producers were dumping former "King of Queens" LEAH REMINI from "The Talk" are now fact. Over the weekend, Remini Tweeted, quote, "It is official: I am sorry to say that I have NOT been asked back on the show. Sorry to my fans. [I] don't know what went wrong."

HOLLY ROBINSON PEETE is rumored to not be returning as well, but there's been no official word yet on her future with the show. We should know soon, though, as the second season premieres next Tuesday.