BEYONCE'S ANSWER TO BAD PHOTOS IS NO PHOTOS: After some hilariously bad photos of BEYONCE from the Super Bowl surfaced, Bey tried to solve the problem by having all the terrible pictures removed from the internet. As if!

B’s outrage sparked a ton of internet memes making fun of her crazy faces and she’s not about to let that happen on her current tour. This time, Mrs. Carter is banning all photographers and is only allowing pre-approved photos like THESE to hit the web. Now THAT’S diva!

IN DENIAL - EVA LONGORIA: Despite Life & Style's claim, EVA LONGORIA says she is not dating one of the three bachelors on her just-cancelled reality dating show, "Ready for Love". Eva hit up Twitter yesterday to deny the tab's "exclusive" report that she's dating Ernesto Arguello, despite recent photos showing the pair holding hands over dinner.

Twitter/Ernest Arguello

NBC network bosses shocked Longoria last week when they announced they were cancelling her dating show after just two episodes due to poor ratings. Word is viewers found it complicated and confusing -- you know, just like dating! Hi-Yo!!!.

TARA REID PULLS OUT CELEB CARD - FAILS: REESE WITHERSPOON wasn't the only one pulling out her celeb card over the weekend. The New York Post reports TARA RIED tried to use her fame to get a discount at a trendy L.A. store, but she ended up getting thrown out instead. According to the newspaper's source, Tara needed an outfit for Coachella but when she "demanded a discount," the store declined. Tara insisted she deserved the break "because of her fame." The source adds that she then "began to scream at them and...had to be escorted out by security," before concluding that Tara "seemed drunk."

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A rep for Reid says it was all a misunderstanding ... that Tara left the store on her own, that she “was definitely not drunk" and that "whoever is saying that is not on Team Tara.”

REESE GOES INTO HIDING: In light of her arrest over the weekend, REESE WITHERSPOON has bailed on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" tonight. She's also cancelled an interview with "Good Morning America" and pulled out of a press junket for her new movie, "Mud". Apparently, the only apology we're going to hear -- at least until her May 22nd court date -- is her official statement released Sunday.

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Reese was arrested early Friday morning after she mouthed-off to a cop who pulled her husband over for drunk driving. On the plus side, “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde” is no longer the most embarrassing thing she's done.

KHLOE KARDASHIAN OUT AS 'X FACTOR' CO-HOST: As expected, KHLOE KARDASHIAN is out as co-host of The X Factor. Though it had been rumored for months, producers finally made the announcement late yesterday. Mario Lopez will be back, though it's unclear if he'll be hosting solo. While some reports say Khloe was fired, others say it was a mutual decision, because it was becoming too difficult to work around her schedule, with all the other nonsense she's doing. Khloe herself hasn't commented.

Instagram/Kris Jenner

On a related Kardashian note ... KRIS JENNER posted the above picture of KIM sleeping peacefully next to a tabloid cover story about her that reads, quote, "This baby is ruining my life!"

SNAPSHOT: RIHANNA continues to molest herself in concert …

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HEIDI KLUM'S CONTESTANTS ON 'GERMANY'S NEXT TOP MODEL' CATCH HEAD LICE: How’s this for a head-scratcher, the cast and crew of “Germany’s Next Top Model, which stars HEIDI KLUM, are trying to figure out how two of the show’s aspiring models caught head lice. Klum, who hasn’t been infected, suggested during the show that the bugs were "a little souvenir from New York," where the first model to get the head lice had been during Fashion Week.

Getting rid of the critters won't be easy since even the best lice-killing products can't kill 100 percent of the eggs. This means the models will have to keep checking for live lice and eggs every time they comb their hair. They’ll also have to wash or dry clean all their clothes and bed linens, vacuum floors and furniture, and replace their combs.

UPDATE - CHECK OUT KENDRA WILKINSON'S MESSED UP AUDI: As we told you yesterday, KENDRA WILKINSON was in a bad car accident in Los Angeles over the weekend but wasn't seriously injured. Her car, however, didn't make out as well. (PHOTO)

Kendra Tweeted out a thanks to her well wishers yesterday, adding that the accident, quote, "really reminded me how fragile life really is and how important love really is."

R.I.P.: Folk singer RICHIE HAVENS has died of a heart attack. He was 72. Richie was the very first performer at the original Woodstock back in 1969. He famously playing nonstop for three hours while the crowd waited for the next act, which was stuck in traffic, to arrive.

CHRISSY AMPHLETT, the lead singer for the Australian band The Divinyls, died on Sunday losing her battle to breast cancer. She also had multiple sclerosis, which meant she couldn't get radiation therapy for the cancer.The Divinyls are best known for the 1991 song "I Touch Myself". She was 53.