Another photo of a celebrity parent and their child has been met with disapproval by many who have viewed the image. This time it’s supermodel Gisele Bunchden who has people’s panties twisted in a bunch.

Bunchden shared a photo of herself on Instagram holding her seven month old daughter in her arms as she lovingly gazed at her. While most thought the picture sweet, others took to the World Wide Web of Judging Parenting Skills and tsk-tsked the fact that Gisele’s infant daughter’s ears are pierced and she’s wearing gold stud earrings.

The gist of their unfavorable opinion is that seven months old is too young an age to put an infant through something as painful as ear piercing.

Okay, we're asking: At 7-months-old, is Gisele's baby too young to have her ears pierced? Let me know what you think in the “leave a comment” box below. And if you’ve never seen an infant get her ears pierced watch this video.

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