Hey El Paso, kudos for not being the terrible drivers everyone thinks we are -- at least according to Allstate we’re not.

The insurance giant analyzes its claim data to come up with the annual Best Drivers Report, which ranks the 200 biggest cities in the U.S. based on the average number of years drivers go between accidents, and statistically speaking, El Pasoans go an average of nearly 10 years without a collision.

That’s good enough to make El Paso the 56th safest driving city in the country. In other words, our driving in real life isn’t nearly as scary as our driving in Grand Theft Auto is. Yay for us!

The worst drivers in America are surprisingly not in New Mexico, if you can believe that. Three of the top four most accident prone cities are in Massachusetts, including Boston and Worcester, which took the top 2 spots. Fort Collins, Colorado has the safest drivers for the second year in a row.