I recently Facebooked a photo of Rihannas new boob tattoo and asked if our Facebook followers thought it was hot or not. Most thought 'not', but the comment that caught my attention was posted by Lisa Lopez who wrote, " I just hate the fact that she sign(ed) her soul away to the Illuminati."

"The Illuminati", by the way,  is an ancient and shadowy group of elites said to rule the world. It's supposedly made up of the world's political and financial elite. Oh, and Jay-Z.  But I digress. "And now to get a tattoo glorifying it...wow!" Lisa added exuberantly. "You all should check it out; her song "we found love" says, "Love satan, i love satan" played backwards."

So I did, and found this video on the subject on Youtube:

So what do you think, is Rihanna down with the devil? Let me know in the "leave a comment" box below.