JENNER GENDER QUESTIONED AGAIN: This BRUCE JENNER thing is tooo much. Claims of him transitioning just won’t die, and all the recent physical changes Bruce has been making aren’t helping his denials any. Take the new bouffant ‘do he’s sportin’ now, for instance. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Bruce went and got himself what’s being described as an ombre hair coloring. That’s where the color goes from dark at the root to light at the end.

Rumors of Bruce wanting to become a woman have been making the rounds for a couple of months, but have picked up steam after he had his Adam’s apple shaved down, and was photographed rockin' some womanly looking fingernails. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

ROMANCE REPORT:  MILEY'S ex, LIAM HEMSWORTH, was spotted hanging out with fellow actor NINA DOBREV at an Atlanta bar, so of course speculation is they're hooking up.


One source told the gossip site Celebuzz, “They were definitely acting couple-y." Another claims to have seen them kiss at the end of the night. And according to the eyewitness, it wasn't a peck on the cheek, either. “It was three sensual kisses on the lips," he said.

Nina is currently filming Vampire Diaries Season 5 in the ATL, while Liam is in Atlanta to finish filming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Parts 1 and 2.

Meanwhile ... Ever since they confirmed they were in a relationship, SEAN PENN and CHARLIZE THERON have been packing on the PDA's. First, paparazzi caught the lovebirds kissing as their car was stopped at a light in Beverly Hills on Friday. (PHOTO)

Then on Sunday they were spotted at a petting zoo, where they continued being all lovey-dovey while enjoying some family time with Charlize's son. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION MARC ANTHONY: MARC ANTHONY is apparently single again. Us Weekly reports he and 22-year-old heiress Chloe Green have split after a year of dating -- although friends say they are merely "taking a break.” Word is “busy schedules” is to blame.

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CELEBRITIES WITHOUT MAKEUP – BETHENNY FRANKEL: BETHENNY FRANKEL is the latest to tweet out a au naturel pic. "This is my 'it’s Monday' face, which looks very similar to my 'I’m exhausted and it’s only Monday' face," Frankel tweeted, along with the photo.


TODAY IN JUSTIN BIEBER NEWS: It looks like JUSTIN BIEBER may have to face up to the charges relating to the egging incident. According to TMZ, there's now two pieces of evidence that incriminate the Biebz in the egging incident.

Surveillance video cops confiscated during the police raid reportedly puts Bieber in the vicinity of the area where the egging took place, although he’s not seen actually throwing anything at this neighbor's house. Originally, sources connected to Justin told the site the tape showed nothing, but TMZ is reporting that's not so.

The second piece of evidence is video in which you can hear what sounds like Justin verbally fighting with the neighbor. At one point you ever hear Bieber scream, "F*** you! I got another one for you actually." The video is too dark to clearly see him but the audio is very clear.

This evidence, on top of the two witness accounts from the neighbor and his 13-year-old daughter, will make it hard to weasel out of this one. The District Attorney's decision should come down sometime this week. Out of all of his legal problems, this is the one he might go down for? How embarrassing. Imagine having to explain this one to actual criminals?

R.I.P: Iconic child star SHIRLEY TEMPLE passed away late Monday evening. She was 85. According to a statement released by the family's spokesperson, Temple died from natural causes.