The annual World's Ugliest Dog contest went down in California on Friday, and the winner is a rescue dog from Greenville, North Carolina, named Peanut. Peanut, a victim of abuse, was seriously burned as a puppy so he doesn't have lips or eyelids. That’s why, owner Holly Chandler says, his eyes are always bugging out and it looks like he's perpetually baring his teeth at you.

Peanut had been at an animal hospital for over 9 months and was ready for a home when a friend forwarded Chandler a photo. And while his face scared away many, she says it melted her heart. So she took him in and has shared his story to help raise awareness against animal cruelty.

For out-uglying 29 other dogs, Peanut won $1,500 which Holly is going to use to pay other pets' vet bills.