We found out earlier today that legendary Texas rockers, ZZ Top will be opening for Guns N’ Roses when they come to El Paso on September 6. While I do love me the 70s era Top, I was a teenager in the 80s and totally dig their sound from that decade. It was just a little more polished and less bluesy than their 70s era work, and even now, it totally makes me want to throw on some shoulder pads, leg warmers, and blow out my permed stadium rocker hair!

Here are the five 80s era songs I hope to hear the night of September 6. I’m still debating on whether or not I’m going to go in full Flashdance regalia to check out the concert!

1. Sharp Dressed Man was perfect for the 80s because we really did go all out when we went out to party!

2. If your kids or grandkids, in my case, want to know how girls really dressed in the 80s, ‘Legs’ is almost a documentary in 80s babe fashion!

3. How could you resist Gimme All Your Lovin’, the signature Top hand movement, and classic 1933 Ford coupe that came to be one of their hallmarks? You can’t, don’t even try!

4. Under Pressure is exactly how I felt every time I was racing down I-10 and trying to beat my curfew. It is a great song to drive to!

5. Ok, ok, so Rough Boy is one of those power ballads the 80s is famous for. Laugh, point, judge – I don’t care. I actually have that song playing right now as I type these words. What can I say? I’m an 80s gal and my motto is ‘Power Ballads, forever may they wave!’

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