Valentine's Day is closer than you think and if you're one of those couples who make reservations and go out to eat dinner on V-Day, you're braver than I am. Going out to eat dinner on Valentine's Day is kind of like waiting until Christmas Eve day to get your kid's pictures taken with Santa. There is going to be a huge wait for a seat, everyone is trying to get it done because the day is about to pass, and no one is having any fun because there is someone looking over their shoulder waiting for them to wrap it up.

If you go out, chances are you're going to run into these couples:

1. The 'We Both Worked Today And I Want A Pizza But She Made Me Take Her Out' Couple - He wants to skip the appetizer and dessert so they can get home, but she wants the only item on the menu that takes forty minutes to prepare. Now nobody is talking, he's thinking about the presentation he needs to finish up and she's thinking 'I shaved my legs for this?'

Man talking on the phone while he is on date

2. The 'They're So Happy They Make Everyone Else In The Place Sick' Couple - Newlyweds or been together forever, this couple is holding hands and having a great time. Everyone else wants to pelt them with dinner rolls and little coffee creamer containers because they are so danged adorable.

Having fun with my date at a cafe

3. The 'Valentine's Day Is Not A Good Idea For A First Date' Couple - As if a first date isn't stressful enough, you can tell by the forced smiles on their faces that this couple didn't think their first date date through.

Young man mad at his uninterested wife

4.The 'Everything's Fine' Couple - This couple argued in the car on the way to the restaurant, but they have reservations and the babysitter is at their house so they figure they might as well have a good meal before they head back home for Round 2!

Sad couple having a conflict and relationship problems

5. The 'Can You Believe How Weird All These Other Couples Are?' Couple - This couple is you and your man, because, really, you two are the only normal ones in the joint!

Happy young couple sitting in a cafe outside on a beautiful autumn day.

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