Madonna is being given a lot of grief for her Golden Globe win for Best Original Song.  Mike covered the controversy and the catfight that has developed between Miss M, Sir Elton, and his husband.  But her acceptance speech is what made me squirm a bit with embarrassment for Madonna.  It reminded me of another famous awards show speech.....

When Madonna accepted her Golden Globe, she launched into a speech about "her" movie, "her" directing, "her" song, etc., etc.  Granted, it was her movie, directing, and song, but for heaven's sake, woman, a little humility would have gone a long way!  You can see the audience getting more and more uncomfortable about as she went on and on patting herself on the back.  Here is the original cringe-worthy Oscar moment with Sally Field:

And here is Madonna's self-love fest from The Golden Globes:

Who do you think was the more cringe-worthy winner?