Chico's Tacos
Only In El Paso

It's an El Paso thing. How many times have you tried to explain the, well, unique way of life we have here on the border? Because, really, where else would Chico's Tacos be considered tacos?!

Here are a couple of other 'El Paso things'. How many can you come up with?   

1. You know 'breezy' is the weatherman's way of saying 45 mph winds. 

2. You think everybody has a party with 2 kegs and a jumping balloon for a one year old. 

3. You know why there are letters painted on the mountain, and you still help paint them even after your kid graduated 6 years ago. 

Only In El Paso
Only In El Paso

4. You hated the way ASARCO made the air smell and taste, but think the smokestack should NEVER be torn down. 

5. You park your car in the shade even if it means getting a ticket. 

6. You RUN to Walmart for supplies when the weatherman says there is a 25% chance of rain or snow. 

7. You go to Sally's to buy a curly hairpiece for your daughter to wear for any special occasion. 

8. You think your cousin is full of herself because she lives on the west side. 

9. You tell your kids Disneyland doesn't have anything they can't see at Western Playland. 

Only In El Paso
Only In El Paso

10. Your grandma is the perfect child care solution even though she's 85 and needs a walker. 

11. You would never have a bridal or baby shower without the 7-up sherbet punch.  

12. You know northeast El Paso exists, but you've never been there. 

13. You wake up from partying the night before with onion breath and a Whataburger cup on the nightstand. 

14. Your cousin is getting married, and you have to bring the brisket and chili con queso for the reception. 

15. You know that when your mom is talking about her coma, she's talking about her friend, not a time when she was unconscious.  

16. You can hear the Ice Cream Truck music playing as he drives by your 10pm!

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