Starting July 21st, we are kicking off Crabby Mondays!

Everyone knows Mondays suck. Maybe Garfield the Cat is the reason for everyone hating Mondays but we are hoping to help change that with a fun new contest.

Crabby Mondays is the latest contest we have created to give you a chance to win lunch from Crab Station Oyster Bar and release your workday/everyday stress.

To enter all you have to do is submit your best crabby photo on those days you are full-on raging mad, feeling annoyed, really just having a crabby day through our free app!

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For those who may not have a smartphone, you can enter in this form below:

Some examples of a crabby day can be when you spill coffee on your lap. Simply take a photo and send it to us instead of crying.

Did you wake up to the sound of your dog barfing on the floor? No worries. Shame your dog by sending us a photo of your reaction or make him wear one of those signs of shame.

Whatever your reason for hating Mondays, take a photo and send it to us through the FREE 95.5 KLAQ app!

We will be taking entries for weekly winners Tuesday through Sunday and then we will select a random winner on Mondays.

On a side note, if you are thinking how fresh can seafood be in El Paso? Well, check out Crab Station Oyster Bar's Facebook page and be amazed at how fresh and yummy it all looks. Plus, they are serving up some tantalizing cocktails for you to enjoy in this El Paso heat.

Mondays don't have to suck. Feel free to use our contest as a way to relieve some stress instead of screaming during those hectic, unpredictable days.

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