There is still so much to be done to try and get El Paso back on its feet after the terrorist attack at the Walmart in the Cielo Vista parking lot. One of the things that needs to be done is getting the vehicles that were left in the parking lot in the aftermath of the attack back to the people who own them.

After Saturday morning's attack, there were dozens of vehicles that were left behind by people fleeing the gunman and employees who were working at the time. Law enforcement officials would not release the vehicles because of their ongoing investigation. They needed everything to remain in place. Now, three days after the horrific shooting that left 22 people dead, they are releasing those vehicles back to their owners.

The FBI tweeted that to reclaim your vehicle you will need to go to the Family Assistance Center that will open Tuesday morning at the El Paso Convention Center. It is located downtown at 1 Civic Center Plaza. The Family Assistance Center will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

You will need to have with you a set of keys to the vehicle, your photo identification, proof of ownership, and valid insurance. If you cannot get to the Family Assistance Center but you can send someone else to go get the vehicle, that person will have to have written permission stating that they can pick up the vehicle in your name, but the other documentation must also be with the person picking up the vehicle.

According to the FBI, parking fees will be waived for people who go to the Family Assistance Center.

The Family Assistance Center is being run by the El Paso City-County Office of Emergency Management and the American Red Cross.

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