I was never an artist, not as a kid and certainly not as an adult, but I can color a picture like no one's business. I love to find coloring books for adults and spend hours lost in the relaxation of picking which colors will go where and planning out the whole look of a page before I even chose a coloring pencil. I found a great hummingbird your kids can color on the Wyler Aerial Tramway Facebook page. You can make a lot of copies of that page and let your kids create a flock of hummingbirds for their bedrooms. After they're finished with the project, just punch a hole in the top and attach the birds to the ceilings of their rooms with a thumbtack.

Barracuda Public Relations came up with some coloring pages that are geared a little more towards the adults in your house. BPR said they came up with the idea because we are probably more than a little tired and overwhelmed from all this adulting we've had to do for the last few months, so these coloring pages are a great way to take our minds off the world and celebrate El Paso. If your kiddos don't know who the people are on the pages, you can use them as a teaching tool while they learn about El Paso history.

You can download the pages on the Barracuda website. There will be more coloring pages released throughout the year. Check out Barracuda Public Relations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for new releases. You can also share your coloring pages by using #QuarantineColoringSheet to social media.

The coloring pages you can choose from for free are:

Juan Gabriel, El Divo de Juárez.
Lucha libre icon Cassandro.
Long time KVIA-TV news anchor Gary Warner.
Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor who was born in El Paso, attended Radford and graduated from Austin High School.
Chico the Chihuahua.
A mandala imaged inspired by the Mexican Gold Poppies of the Franklin Mountains.

Grab your coloring pencils and crayons, mom and dad, and have some coloring fun of your own.

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