Justin Timberlake has officially announced that he will be rocking the Super Bowl LII Halftime Show! In true Timberlake fashion, Justin did the big reveal with a funny little clip, featuring his bromance partner, Jimmy Fallon. He hasn't returned to the big NFL stage, since he caused a "wardrobe malfunction" with Janet Jackson in 2004. Which caused some controversy for the CBS and the FCC, but come one, it took this long to get over it?

The 4th grade senorita still inside me screamed with joy when I found out my favorite, successful boy band member will be the headliner. Of course, some haters are already taking to social media to talk about how lame JT will be. Oh, how wrong they are.

Justin isn't just a pretty boy. He is a gorgeous, hard working, talented man. Yes, a man who has been working his booty off in the media industry since his Mickey Mouse Club days. He survived being owned by the mouse, growing up in front of the world in a boy band and having his heart destroyed over and over by really hot celebrities. Let's not forget about the ramen noodle hair incident, that didn't even affect his hotness. Not many would come back from that.

Despite all that, Justin has put on amazing performances that can appeal to a mass audience. From collaborations with Madonna, Chris Stapleton, 50 Cent and many more, Justin can rock your body in multiple ways with his music. Don't believe me? Let's look at the evidence.

Those of you not into his pop music, give in to a little country.

Not only does he have a unique set of pipes, but JT can dance!

He can hold his own when covering a MJ cover, one of his many idols.

He can break it down with a slow, inspirational song like he did as a freakin' troll in Trolls.

I don't even care if he brings the rest of NSYNC with him. Let Justin shine. He also should bring back Janet Jackson because she caught so much more heat than JT, when we can argue he had plenty of fault.

So if you feel, you won't be able to last through the Super Bowl performance during your drunk football state, just don't touch the remote. Give him a chance, haters. You probably were shaking your butts to the last two Super Bowl performances, who weren't really the artists you'd think would go with football, either. JT will be ready to win you over, February 4th, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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