Do you have a kid in sports or some other extracurricular activity at school? You know that if they have to stay after school, they usually come home starving because they've gone to practice or rehearsal without having anything to eat since lunch. Or even worse, they hit you up for concession machine money, and that can not only be expensive, but it's also bad for them because they're only eating junk. The Ysleta Independent School District has a fix for that. They are kicking off their after-school supper program at 10 campuses beginning today.

These are the schools where your kids can get a free meal:

Bel Air High School, 731 N. Yarbrough
Del Valle High School, 950 Bordeaux
Eastwood High School, 2430 McRae
Hanks High School, 2001 N. Lee Trevino
Parkland High School, 5932 Quail
Riverside High School, 301 Midway
Ysleta High School, 8600 Alameda
Bel Air Middle School, 7909 Ranchland
Del Valle Middle School, 8674 North Loop
Young Women’s Leadership Academy, 8040 Yermoland

The supper meals are offered at dismissal time at each campus, but generally begin about 4 p.m. Kids 18 years and younger can eat for free, but adults can buy meals. The after school supper program is important because there are a lot of kids who might not otherwise have access to a consistent, healthy evening meal.

Free breakfast is already provided for all students at every YISD campus, and 85 percent of YISD campuses are also providing free lunch meals to students this year. Making sure kids have access to a health meal is something to be applauded.

Great job, YISD!

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